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  1. it worked but it was pretty badly drum-corps-ized -- to the point that i have a hard time saying it's Nimrod anymore. but you make a good point. do you agree with me about the voice vs. instrumental? i mean the first link i posted was to the CSO -- no slouch of an orchestra and presumably a very fine version. and it's like a double shot of nyquil with a JD chaser!
  2. well..that right there was something. come know you want to tell us
  3. nope sorry. well played. nice arrangement. but... snooze-fest. so was Crown's (although I adore what they did visually so I didn't much care )((and going on right after Danzon certainly didn't help it)) . honestly until i heard that Voces8 version I didn't think it could be made interesting. they changed my mind.
  4. ive always been bored, bored, bored by Nimrod. but for some reason I find this video much more palatable. instrumentation matters.
  5. well the poster obviously has a copy of the full drill. (he should PM it to me!) otherwise there wasn't a lot of drill on the field last camp. and the drill in the opener probably won't look like the drill in the closer -- by design. so.... musically? meh -- it's not much like EOTB (which was a substantial part of '13). anyway -- if the drums are a mess -- they are in BIG trouble this year. fortunately that doesn't seem to be case (so far at least). it's going to be a very interesting year.
  6. these are better. you could start back with colorguard appearing on Glee, contemporary color, virtually every NFL team now fielding a drumline, etc... viral memes are fun but they rapidly burn out and disappear. imo it would be far better to dramatically increase the amount of content than to create one-off viral videos (although monetizing a video could be a heck of a way to pay for your dues!) so one the one hand, there's been a tiny, itty, bitty, minuscule expansion of the niche. on the other hand, it's still mostly invisible. on the gripping hand, in today's my-refigerator-talks-to-my-thermostat interconnected world, it might not take much of a kick to get things rolling.
  7. Not sure that view count proves anything about drum corps being main stream. How many MB kids watch youtube? Here you have a championship show posted online that was NOT taken down by DCI. The analytics on the vid sure would be interesting. How many unique viewers? Not saying your opinion is wrong -- I"m just not convinced the view count proves it. Top result for "drum corps" on youtube? Those crazy swiss drummer guys. Top results for "DCI"? Blast :-) 2nd? A video of a BMW racing a Lancia! On a related topic - wonder how much he made off that vid :-)
  8. well you have two images this (note the " i " in 20i7 ) and this ( again -- an eye). Peut être.. "In My Mnd's Eye" "The Eye in the Sky" ( considering the rep I kind of like this one -- big brother is always watching you!)
  9. i think your guesses may be too strongly associated with their original theme / movie. what about this? makes a nice 1:30 ballad.
  10. yeah i'm having issues. i was happily living my possessed life 'til the Cadets came along and cast me out -- then those freaking witches put a spell on me. i'm hiding out in Fort Mill, hopefully for good.
  11. A ruse by any other name...wait. and....DUH!
  12. wait....i thought you were Celine????? I'm so confused.
  13. i see your puny emoji and raise you...
  14. Automatically heard this when reading.
  15. Can I just say, as a Crown honk, I really hate my last post.
  16. G: So Pete, what if the guard is here at the end of this set? W: <evil smile>