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  1. Obviously playing "God Said" during this part!
  2. Stop teasing. I really really really want to hear Crown play that.
  3. OR It's actually a Black Mass. (it does explain why they switched to black uniforms)
  4. Actually that's exactly what I said as well. One year down means nothing -- just a bad design. It's only when you start stacking up "down" years, things can start to take on a momentum of their own. As for there being a "top 6", if you mean 6 corps contending for a medal -- I don't believe it..
  5. Just to expand a bit. Member buy-in is important. They need to understand the production well enough to "sell it". But I think it might be "stretching the truth" to say they are "feeling the pressure" to uphold the LB legacy. Could I hear GH saying that to them? Absolutely. <hop>We are being trusted by the Bernstein Foundation to bring this important work to a new generation in way that would honor Lenny's memory. So don't let him down!</hop> But their biggest pressures will be performing their best show at finals, getting enough sleep, paying off their dues, and is that guard member really interested in me!
  6. Lol okay. MM's are feeling the pressure to uphold the integrity of LB's legacy. (Of course it could just be a mind-game to try to motivate the MM's. But no -- GH never does that with MM's. Lol) Designers design. Teachers teach. And members try to march, play and spin the show they're given. Honestly if a MM is worrying about letting down the LB Estate while standing at the gate, someone is not doing their job.
  7. I think there's some truth to the fan-persons (lol'd when I typed that) will show up at the currently "in-vogue" corps. So it does affect audition camp turn-out.
  8. I agree. If you want to march, a spot will be found. The real challenge is convincing the kid that didn't make their "dream corps" to march somewhere else.
  9. IMO it's not on the MM's minds at all. they just march, play and spin what they're given. In fact there's no more pressure on the designers (from the licensor at least). They've complied with the requirements and have a free hand in creating their vision of the production. The big "pressure" for the Cadets is to "bounce back". Would not be a good thing to continue a slide down the rankings.
  10. I can see issues with a hard and fast interpretation of what "respectful" means. When someone does a masterful job of weaving two pieces together, looking at the arrangement from just one composer's POV might be a problem. Some of my favorite arrangements over the years involve a "re-imagining" which may go in a direction the original creator never considered.
  11. I'm sure it filters out a lot of nonsense. Maybe more composers should do that!
  12. the "hoops" are really not that burdensome. it's mostly a matter of getting arrangements done really early in your design process. they actually do look at your scores -- it's not just a pro-forma "mail it in and you get permission". I suppose if your arrangements are not respectful of the original -- it could be difficult.
  13. I know there were programs licensed in 2010. But September would be AFTER the MB season started so that date makes more sense to me.
  14. I'm with George on not really being a fan of the Cavies program in 2016. But I get what you're saying. The 2016 certainly seemed to be a milestone for the current design team; things were well coordinated and did not seem "forced".
  15. Avon did material from Mass in 2008, right? I'm positive permission was granted to programs after that. When exactly was this copyright blackout?
  16. Maybe its just a matter of other corps getting better rather than the Blue Stars having "problems". Last year "bottom 5" + Madison is shaping up to be a real slugfest.
  17. In fact more than a few. Lots of concern here that "yet another tradition" has completely fallen by the wayside. The perceived abandonment of tradition has certainly caused (and continues to cause) fans to walk away from the activity. Everyone has their own personal "last straw". Any-key brass. amplification, voice, electronics, uniforms, dance -- each is listed by various former fans as unacceptable,
  18. Not sure I buy the DCI --> WGI statement. WGI uniforms are designed for a entirely different venue which imposes a number of different design characteristics. (It's indoor, under artificial lights, on a painted/printed floor, and judged from a short distance). When people say "WGI" style, perhaps what they really mean is "non-traditional". But in any case, the NFL argument holds water. NFL fans are loyal to their teams uniform (although the NFL marketing guys have been messing with "alternate" uniforms just to sell more merchandise). Even more generally.. Sports fans have a loyalty to the uniform of their teams. Many don't like it when it's changed. Same with some DCI fans. All the other stuff is just noise and distraction. Better to just ignore it (because there's certainly no reasoning with it),
  19. oh I think a drum corps staff is very aware of the statement they're making at all times.
  20. Oh the irony. /Anyone keeping count should add one more corps who will have professional makeup and professional hair design this season. And multiple blocks of ST spent on teaching members how to do both.