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  1. The Defenders Alumni Corps will begin the 2014 season with their Open House and first rehearsal this Sunday, January 12th from 12-4pm at the Abington Senior Center 441 Summer St Abington, MA. The corps is open to members from any corps or band. Openings are in all sections. The corps plays some of Drum Corps' greatest hits and will be performing in exhibition in Allentown this summer. Stop in and check it out if your in the area. Great people, great talent, great time. Dale
  2. I have 2 Kanstul Alto horns for sale. 3V silver in G. Contact me at dpemerald@verizon.net for pictures. $275 plus $25 shipping.
  3. The Defenders Alumni Corps from Rockland, MA are please to announce that they will be performing in Allentown in 2014. The corps will be doing the opening exhibition on Saturday night of DCI East. The Bridgemen will still be closing the evening but DCI now has two great alumni corps on one night.
  4. Looking for 4 used tymps. PM if you have anything for sale. Not looking to spend tons on recent DCI equipment, looking more in the 2-3K range
  5. I'm looking to buy a 3V mello for a member of our corps. Drop me an email if you have one for sale. Dale Powers dpemerald@verizon.net
  6. Chrome, 3 valve G DEG Dynasty Alto. Some minor dings and dents but over all it is a nice playing horn. $150 + $25 sipping in US. send me an email, dpemerald@verizon.net for pics
  7. Neal Smith asked one of the soloists from 71 (Stempkowski) who said Dick Brackett played into concert solo, Stemy played concert solo and Walter played exit solo. 2-7 had 3 sop solosts in 71 as well. Just goes to show you the talent all those corps had. Dale
  8. That is last years lineup. I was told the 2013 lineup should be up any day. No Dips or Hanover.
  9. I have Musser M51 3.5 octave xylophone for sale. On frame with resonators. $600. Located in MA. Pick up only. email for pics. dale@wgi.org I also have a set of chimes for sale. missing one chime, on complete wheeled frame. $900 as is.
  10. They had three very good soprano solos and from what I was told, all three were played by different people.
  11. Ray it was actually at the IBEW hall so you would have been late.
  12. I am the director of the Defenders Alumni corps in Mass. I have a complete set of Pearl drums, 6 snares, 3 tenors (6,10,12,13,14) and 5 bass (18"-26") that I am selling for 3000. No harnesses or stands but the drums are in very good shape. You can find pictures on our web site. www.defendersalumni.org

  13. If you ever wanted to Play some great drum corps music come on down. the year we are playing: Madison's MacArthur Park La Suerte (BD 79 & 80) So Very Hard To Go (Kingsmen) Chicago Suite (27th) Lets Hear It For Me (Defenders & Crossmen)
  14. 1988 Blue Devil is also a very hard brass book.
  15. Contact me at dale@wgi.org and I'll give you some guidance.
  16. Dynasty still makes G bugles, and now advertises them on their web site. The prices are almost the same as Kanstul. We have members of the Defenders Alumni corps who have bought brand new from both companies.
  17. I think they played a Tower Of Power piece. I remember seeing them and saying "hey that's a pretty chart".
  18. The Defenders Alumni Corps of Rockland, MA is pleased to announce the addition of Bob Matheson as percussion caption head. Bob was a long time member of North Star's famous Chrome Wall and has instructed many corps including Alliance of Boston from 80-82. Bob will not olny assume the role as caption head but will also write all of the corps percussion charts going forward. Mike Montiega will remain on board with Bob as a percussion staff member. The organization would like to thank Steve Wolpe for his time and committment to the organization and wishes him good luck in his future endeavors.