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  1. I just started the finale of Cheer. I didn’t want to like it, but it is very compelling television and, as mentioned, the parallels to the drum corps experience are ever present. I don’t know if a similar production would work as well with a corps with 150 members. And not being able to utilize performances of the music because of copyright issues is pretty problematic. ”Cheer” is worth a watch. Those kids are very inspirational.
  2. Ironic to think that DCI went on the record in 1975 permanently opposing the adoption of three valve bugles! (Drum Corps News inadvertently left out the word “valved” in its article):
  3. Jeff is lucky to be alive! I hope he gets a generous settlement.
  4. I agree that Cadets may have forfeited their privilege of competing within DCI. If issues at other corps are brought to light by credible victims, DCI will need to be consistent with how they address the issues with all the organizations affected. DCI knows it could self destruct if multiple corps are prevented from competing. While this appears to be a George Hopkins problem, it’s much, much bigger.
  5. Zach was great and it was great to feature a performer from that evening's show.Small ensembles are great too. Check these guys out:
  6. No pencil, pen, or typewriter involved with the method prescribed in the Boe booklet.
  7. You might try this short book that incorporates a similar approach (without the need of a P.E.T.E. device): I've tried the method found in the book and found that it had a quick and noticeably positive impact on range and endurance. It's easy to do during the commute each day and takes only a couple of minutes.
  8. Ha! I've never noticed the bell size in that poster before. What a good find! Obviously, the graphic artist took some artistic license! Richard Gere is credited for performing all his cornet solos in the film (as indicated in the opening credits). I find this almost too hard to believe. I wonder if anyone recalls interviews from that time frame where Richard talks about learning or relearning to play.
  9. I sure miss them too!!! Here's an interview I did with Paul Rowe that offers an inside look at the group: click here for Rowe interview
  10. I believe this image is from the current issue (September, 2011). Not sure on the horn make. I'm sure some of the more educated folks can i.d. it. To me, it has some design characteristics consistent with Whaley Royce.
  11. Some friends have spotted this image from a magazine called Marie Claire. Evidently, there are also some large posters of this showing up in window displays. Bon Bons making a comeback?