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  1. These three points are very important in life and have applied for me as a businessman. Only the third point would apply to management in a sense. Great points MikeD. A follow up question to all. Do staff have the responsibility to discuss or teach the competitive aspects of the activity, actually touch on it and talk about it with members or allow for a natural understanding by the members themselves?
  2. I had no motive when asking the question. I was seriously interested to read anyones position on the competitiveness of the activity with each corps culture having different approaches. There wasn't anything nefarious with my intent. My personal view is that I certainly understand the need to fully develop a given show to it's fullest potential and that the learning experience is paramount, but I do believe that competition and having a competitive edge can be lost at times. It is a competitive sport.
  3. Why ask what my original question Is, only to write an entire #### page answering the question and providing your feedback? I asked the question because I was honestly interested in everyones opinion regarding the importance of competition because each corps culture is different regarding the same. Geezzz
  4. Is their still room for real competitive inertia in the activity or has the focus switched to developing art despite ourselves?
  5. Where did Crown slip? Third place. Jim Ott. Best percussion in many years. New staff in guard but still top 6. If that is slipping then wow, what a year 2018 will be
  6. So, essentially be like everyone else and do nothing to differentiate yourself in brass from anyone else. IYou are going to need to explain why playing almost technically perfect runs need to be curtailed? While were at It, let's just mic 12 members of the brass line or stand there and play layered whole notes for only 3 1/2 minutes. Nah. Crown is in a league of their own in brass and it is a comfortable place to be. Young people come to Crown Brass each summer to be challenged in just the way you believe should be changed.
  7. Once again, certain DCP hacks had Crowns placement and success wrong for the sixth year in a row. AND for the 6th year in a row, I laugh and laugh at their ignorance and complete lack of knowledge about Crown and the activity as a whole. Congrats to all of the participating corps and their members for a wonderful 2017
  8. J. Ausedemore strikes again. CROWN has owned the music analysis caption most all summer but not tonight. Getting harder to hide the bias
  9. Once again. It's as predictable as the Dallas heat in July. One judge each show appears to have been drinking. Tonight it was the drum judge.
  10. Good thing for Crown, the judges disagree with your assessment.
  11. Tonight, this essentially became a three horse race. Crown and SCV have the most growth yet to come out of their shows. One of those two will win the 2017 World Championship
  12. When it comes to TOC shows, there is nothing normal or consistent about the judging. Looking forward to San Antonio.