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  1. When I watched this over on FB, it DID make me sad. The corps's death as an all-age competing unit still hurts in many ways, but Dent has made sure that we don't forget, that we aren't forgotten. Salunga.
  2. This is a serious question I have here; it is not an attack on any one corps. This you can tell by the fact that I have kept my own counsel about which corps I enjoyed the most, and will continue to do so. This question is honestly meant. In all sorts of competitions, the question is asked: "if the score doesn't matter, why is it a competition at all?" Ok, fair question. Here's mine, which is something of a reversal of the other: If the audience reaction doesn't matter....why not hold DCI as a jury instead of as a performance? (Aside from ticket revenues, of course; I wonder if there are those on staff anywhere who would prefer juries over performances...)
  3. And your obviously emotion-based response makes any and all posts by you appear ridiculous. The evidence of loss of fans is in the stands. I have not attacked the Blue Devils at any point; you seem AWFULLY defensive.
  4. I don't know that what you've chosen is a fair comparison. And being passionate is fine - being disrespectful, as many appear to be, is not, in my book. You see, we are NOT Kindergartners. We should be adults; the passion should be on the field and in the stands. Being passionate is one place and being measured and thoughtful in another....these are not mutually exclusive states. Hell, even be passionate in arguing here, but I would rather see people back up their opinions with something more thoughtful than "Oh yeah? Well, my corps can beat up your corps!" I marched a corps where violence was threatened against members and staff of another corps, and sometimes even between sections of the corps itself. Did passion serve us well in that case? No, because instead of respecting each other and leaving our passion on the field, we ate each other alive, and the marching corps is essentially dead. Don't think the same thing can't happen to drum corps in general.
  5. Really? I've seen people here (and this is one of the few points I made that was intended only to apply to DCP) who are real-life friends of mine call people much worse than idiot just out of disagreement. This forum often makes me tired, because people get pointlessly angry and say things they would never say to someone in person. (Of course, the same can be said of almost any internet forum, but that's as may be. )
  6. And indeed, this isn't solely based on DCP, but also on what I hear in the stands and from people I know personally. And I'm not saying we can't have passion; I'm saying that there's such a thing as being gracious in defeat. There's such a thing as accepting the fact that things will always change, and some of those changes will actually be for the better. There's also such a thing as realizing that there was a reason why things were done a certain way in the past. Don't think drum corps is dying? Look at the stands, my friend, for DCA and DCI alike. I'm not speaking solely of finals, but of shows in general. I've seen crowds at all types of shows where the marching members in a single corps outnumbered the audience. There's a happy medium somewhere between entertainment and the judging sheets. People think we haven't found it because it can't be found. I think we haven't found it because everyone is so ###### sure he's right that he won't even consider another viewpoint, and we end up in deadlock about how to do it. :-/
  7. Except I'm not basing these opinions solely on what I see here.
  8. This is why the disclaimer; I don't agree with all these viewpoints, but they represent themes I've seen on these boards and in the stands.
  9. I based this primarily on what I hear from actual people. I don't often read the DCI forums here, because it's enough to drive most people mad, what with the constant bickering. What I hear in the stands is a less virulent version of the same, usually from veterans who don't like the idea of change, but also from younger people who don't see value in what has gone before. I wish I COULD agree with you; it would make things seem much more optimistic for the future of drum corps. :-/
  10. ...and the Cadets were relocated to the projects?
  11. Opinions are often baseless; however, this is allowed in any informal setting. This ain't no Forensics team....;) A review is nothing but opinion; if the OP's opinion were that the Troopers should have won, then that would be his opinion, and it need not be based in fact. It would still be his review, and the people here would lend it credence, or not, based on those opinions This is art; almost everything about it is subjective and, as such, cannot be based entirely in fact. Only the base athletics can truly be judged fairly, and even that has pitfalls. The word "good" is now and as forever been up for grabs.