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  1. Usually you can tell what's a poor autocorrect. Theres theirs will always kill me.
  2. Exactly. The DCI events I've attended have a good mix, unlike the DCA crowds. Where was this event held in Lawrence? Maybe a more modern facility in the area instead? It seems like some shows are held in locations just because that's where they've always been. The show I went to in Glens Falls a middle school baseball is not DCI quality! And will do nothing to attract NEW fans, imagine if you were to hold that event where there are HS bands in Syracuse or Albany.
  3. I don't trust this post, right up to the poor grammar. The line that really got me was the kids who are not loyal to perform can find their own way home seems fishy. You could use that as a threat to perform but any paying kid deserves the ride back especially given the communication issues. Why wasn't the bus company completely settled before the trip to Indy? Still unanswered questions here.
  4. Ah, thanks. My search for 'Madison Network Audio' didn't show anything.
  5. The Madison closer has no audio on the fan network with a subtitle saying 'due to licensing restrictions we cannot play the audio'. Is this movement on the APD also blocked out? What is the DCI policy towards getting full rights secured before the corps steps on the field/designs their program??
  6. Nice performances last night. These corps were definitely moving in a more fan-friendly direction, namely MELODIES that last more than 2 seconds! Spirit did well, but I wish we saw more effective vis design from most of the corps last night. I think you can throw Boston's # out the window. They just had an off night. It really had the feel of 'this is one of our first DCI events this yr'. Nasty 5 person pileup, I don't know how no one got hurt. Also for a Les Mis show I hope the music can be more effective. Very impressed with Madison. Not sure how much they can grow as the year goes on. Nice job taking a crowd friendly show with a modern design approach instead of doing a complete throwback. Crown was clearly the most talented corps. Their vis design was also the most satisfying on the night. Judges got this group right last night, though I think you will see Boston trending higher as they get settled into their tour.
  7. A good post :) Honestly, I feel like WWs are more important than amps. The electronics are mostly there so designers have more toys to play with. How many people do they actually bring in to the activity? VS the number we could have involved (by both marching and attending shows) if they aligned with schools as mentioned in the DCW article and included WWs. A safe start would be creating a separate division. People would walk out the first year or two, complain a lot, but I don't think they'd leave for good.
  8. Very tough to determine where the activity is at without raw numbers. Lots of people say "It was much bigger back in the day" but is that a perception? Where are the financials to support it? "Oh, there were at least 40K when I marched finals"....not enough evidence IMO. There are less corps, but that's because the traditional 18 y/o kid is marching in a HS group, not a drum corps.
  9. I wonder how similar the poll results would be if this were asked 10 years before amps, 10 years before the switch to Bb, etc ;) There are too many positive things about the activity to remove my support bc of WWs. To me, it's actually a little selfish to think you'd stop supporting something that was of value to you when you were young...simply because you don't like the different sound. The activity is more important than a brass only sound vs. combined sound.
  10. PR 2005 is one of my favorites from them. Also, Cadets 2006!