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  1. They were called 'Meehaphones.' This Wayne Downey interview from the early 90s gives some details. http://www.middlehornleader.com/Downey Interview.htm
  2. Star of Indiana 1990 with all brass judge tapes
  3. The best part of this clip is Winston Zeddimore in the background trying desperately to keep from cracking up.
  4. Would a superhero show work in this day and age? Certainly if there were copyrighted characters involved, this would be tough. But am imaginative, or even derivative, approach might be well-received.
  5. 2015 Cadets without the uniform change and with a better slow movement. Actually, the Cadets most every other year in the 2000's.
  6. Suggest Crossmen 92 in her request queue. I have and she says on her site that she gives preference to videos that are recommended multiple times
  7. Certainly the description of the 'fan experience' in this article is accurate. For the fan, it is as if I myself have marched the show and been crowned champion, or made finals, or beaten this other corps, etc. Even if the 'winner' wins by 0.025, for example, it's still a 'win.' One group (or group of fans) is happy, and the others are not. It is kind of absurd that someone's subjective opinion of a performance determines my emotional reaction, but it's what happens, and only later, and then only for some, can rationality set in. I can also see that the 'system' of drum corps competition can take a toll on performers, as it does in amateur and professional sports. People's bodies have been pushed often beyond endurance by the demands of modern drum corps staging and drill. Mental abuse in drum corps was more common in the past, but still happens. And as we know, reports of sexual abuse have been quashed for years for fear of damaging drum corps or a corps brand. However, the article views fandom, and the performer's response to fan support, solely through the lens of a Marxist theory of capital's exploitation of labor. People go into, and stay in, competitive activities for all sorts of reasons - to prove themselves, for the experience of 'esprit de corps,' to hone expertise in their craft, as an extension of their education, etc. And people support organizations such as drum corps for a variety of reasons as well. It seems that competition, and 'fandom,' can be experienced in many different ways. It is healthier when people are fans of the activity first and a certain corps second. I can appreciate the performances of each corps and not be as invested in my particular group's success and others' failure. I think that by and large this sort of support of the whole activity is more common in this era of drum corps, but I could be proven wrong.
  8. From what I've heard that line was a mashup of any bugles they could put their hands on. Makes it even more amazing what they did with them.
  9. They did edit the performance on the CD's. The opener and the closer were from finals. The two middle charts were from semis.
  10. Michael Boo was a tireless promoter of the activity, always enthusiastic in his writing for DCI's program notes, liner notes for audio recordings, and the DCI website, including, of course, the famous recap analyses. He was a valued participant in these forums and his self-deprecating humor was always a joy. Memory eternal.
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