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  1. Brilliant. The laughter that brought deserves more than an emoji
  2. I think PC here means program coordinator
  3. In the beginning, there was m-m-m-man... Dada is still alive (still alive, still alive) Now she must burn!
  4. If the difference is .1 or less it really is immaterial. DCI uses a scoring system for educational and entertainment purposes so you're always going to have a ranking. But when it's a tenth or less, no one will tell me Bluecoats weren't worthy of winning or Crown worthy of a medal. If it had been vice versa, I'd say the same about BD and SCV. Just not the way the captions added up. Most likely the kids have already worked out their issues with it, if they had any to begin with.
  5. Maybe its not horns. Maybe eliminating cymbal lines allows you to add five more percussionists in the pit, who can do multiple things, including crash cymbals. Or it could be a bigger guard. I think probably all or any of these things could be used to justify the decision.
  6. I'm intrigued that the thought is about visual. Wouldn't the idea be that since you've already got a set player and several keyboard players in the pit who can crash a cymbal when necessary, you can free up five or so spots for the hornline?
  7. It's really something. How far into this and no one's even mentioned the Blue Dev- Oh, right.
  8. 'That's when the band director, Jay Watkins, said he put his arm out to stop her and when he did, another person grabbed him from behind in a choke hold and threw him to the pavement, Orlando said.'
  9. Out of this World was as advertised. Not changing my vote though.
  10. Were you there? How do you know? I'm confused whether people are responding to the general concept or the incident in question.
  11. Yes, but we know VERY little about the opposing fan in question, what her attitude was. We may not be talking about something innocent. I think we give the guy a pass for now, especially because he was assaulted, and agree that a person who innocently breaks ranks doesn't deserve a beat-down. Then, there's this:
  12. Help me out here... not familiar with this story. I was rather preoccupied in 2011.
  13. Hmmm. I think you have no idea about the man's motivations or his understanding of manhood or his responsibility. U of F spokesman said 'his first concern was for the students' safety.' This doesn't appear to be an issue of 'unit identity' or 'toughness.' It appears to be someone responsible attempting to do his job and protect his students. But neither of us were there, so...
  14. Sorry, the narration sounded like the come-on girl on a 1-900 number advertisement.
  15. BD '79 - 'My Heart Belongs to Me' '88 - 'Happy Days Are Here Again' and 'Since I Fell For You'