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  1. And there will be GIFs. Lots and lots of GIFs.
  2. Blue for the VFW color and Devils for neighboring Mt. Diablo.
  3. Not sure anyone could classify a show like 2014 as 'low risk.' Nor the series of rifle tosses at the beginning of this year's show. Perhaps what looks like 'low risk' is instead knowing what your corps can clean before finals, or, alternatively, doing everything so well, including tough stuff, that it 'looks easy.' Another possibility: the BD image is always in control. This can lead to a sense that they are never taking a risk, 'on the edge,' even though a design might be very difficult to achieve.
  4. Sample sample: when a judge takes a moment to evaluate non-member produced digital contributions to the soundscape.
  5. I'm going to make this about a 'show' as in a 'contest' and say 1980 finals. One of the deepest fields in DCI history, and some of the most emotional performances, topped by the cool as #### Blue Devils winning their fourth title in five years.
  6. I'll go you one better. I've said before that 1995 Cavaliers might well be the best realization of a classical piece ever performed on a football field. I, too, wish I could have seen it live.
  7. 150 pair of Ugg boots, slightly used, various sizes. Also a few sleds. 1 888 Blu Star, ask for Jack London
  8. Congratulations to the members, staff, and administration of the Crossmen! Finals is an incredible achievement, and the consistency has been built over the years to keep the corps in that elite echelon. You turned heads this year with a great story, a hornline with an attitude, a drumline that wouldn't quit, colorguard women who were aggressive and talented, and a drum major, Lydia Marshall, who was just as deserving as Claire Wilcox of DM of the year. Bones Nation salutes you!
  9. I would like to see Boston go big time serious next year. No gimmicks. Just straight up balls to the wall drum corps. Loved 2017-19 but it's time for a change.
  10. Blue Devils! Can't get Ghostlight out of my head. You convinced me Friday night. So glad I got to see you live. It's been a long fifteen years. Congratulations!
  11. Just check DCP; all sorts of world championship designers here.
  12. 12 works because of space on field for retreat. Plus tradition.
  13. Hey folks, really enjoyed Crown this year. Honestly, (and I feel the same way about places 1 and 2 as well) you just can't differentiate between a medal and fourth place when it's less than a tenth. Feel amazing for your corps and for an incredible Vanguard, the defending champions who were #### near outscored by a relentless Carolina group who kept coming and left it on the field every night despite knowing that a ring was out of their reach. They stand tall tonight. You should too.
  14. Blue Devils defeated Bloo before semis this year. Bloo won all the regionals though.
  15. I thought he did it on purpose to be funny. I was a little upset. I hope it happened how you say it did.
  16. Actually, they can change their scores, so we don't truly know whether or not JP gave Vanguard a 20 before seeing BD.
  17. You just said that it wasn't the critic who counted. Then you proceeded to be that critic. It's as if you quoted Churchill and then surrendered.
  18. I said something before, but I'll say again. You were magic this year, Bloo. Magic.
  19. You have to do it that way. Can't give a perfect score with two corps to go. What if one is better?