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  1. Can I resurrect this thread from 11 years ago? Just attended my first DCI show of 2017 in Denton a few days ago. I was shocked and a bit miffed at how many corps were NOT wearing head wear. All because of Bluecoats from last year?? Please Corps Directors, for the love of tradition, I beg you, please don't go in that direction.
  2. Didn't know about the gala but this begs the question then of when did the schedule come out for the Moonlight Classic and when did the gala get scheduled? I really loathe when a corps misses a show, especially if they are in the area.
  3. Does anyone have a problem with BD and SCV not showing up to their own state's capital show?
  4. Is this the thread where we guess how DCI will slot the corps for the 2017 season?
  5. everybody good with the slotting?
  6. It actually is DCI's fault because they took over this show from the Cavaliers. I spoke with Dan Acheson about it and he said it was too late (at that time) to do anything about the traffic backup off the highway but that the local sheriff would have traffic control for the end of the show. It was just a matter of asking local law enforcement to help with traffic control and that would have helped with a lot of the back up. As for the parking issue, I have no idea what happened with that. People paid their $5 and then there were no parking spots in the lot they were guided to. So, they ha
  7. First show of the season for me tonight. A very quick synopsis. Because of work obligations, I wasn't able to see Mandarins or Colts. My vantage point was also poor because I was fairly low and between 40-30. That being said, my favorite corps of the night was SCV. Great uniform look and first powerful and compact sound of the night for me. Perhaps it was because they were the first corps after INT. I especially appreciated the high mark time company front (Thank you Jeff Fiedler!) Also liked the flags behind the back drops in backfield. Also liked the brass playing back there as well
  8. Can we skip the winter and spring and go straight into summer?
  9. Excellent photos! I think you have a few of the former Trooper I met, Ben Aird. Nicely done.
  10. Saw The US Marine Drum and Bugle Corps at the Texas State Fair today (10-08-2012). Very entertaining and just so great to hear drum corps again in the off season. After their performance, the crowd was able to interact with the members, and I was able to meet up with 2 Trooper alumni. Also met a former Madison Scout as well. One of the highlights of the show was when the drum major spoke to the crowd and read questions that were written down by the audience previous to the start of the show. In 2 of the questions read, the person asked about the "Marine Band" and the drum major got testy
  11. Well, when the Allen HS band has around 700 members, that's a lot of family members.
  12. Please, oh please, oh please Lake Highlands High School, move your DCI show to Allen and share the proceeds. The fans have suffered enough in that tight, cramped stadium with no parking.