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  1. Is an accordion even allowed? Thought it was considered a keyboard instrument?
  2. ok. I'll add in my two cents: Astor Piazzolla Seriously. It's been over 10 years since Phantom did it...and always felt more Madison to me....
  3. Unfortunately, being clean has nothing to do with winning in DCi anymore
  4. *pulls head out of the sand*. Mylar snare heads, what huh!!!??😃 Geez, who was the last corp to play Mylar heads? Glassmen 2002 started with Mylar heads but I think they switched to Kevlar at some point in the season? Anyone? (Crossmen 95?)
  5. Madison and soft endings go together about as well as Phantom Regiment and Channel One Suite
  6. Carolina Crown: The Rite of Spring and go all out with it..... "sacrifice" a virgin girl at the end. HAH! Could be more epic than Spactacus' ending!
  7. I still want Madison to play Innuendo. Starting around the 3:15 mark......that's ripe for a percussion feature
  8. Cant seem to find the 2009 finals APD's. I'm a basic Fan Network Subscriber, are they on another tier? Any help?
  9. 2008: Spartacus - What can I say? EPIC 2006: Faust - Prequel to 2008 2003: Harmonic Journey - Was privileged enough to see this show three times during the season 2007: On Air - Hated it at first...but grew on me fast. Those mellophones at the end 2000: The Masters of Mystique - Seriously, the most underrated Regiment brass line of the 00's. Too bad it was a visual disaster... 2004: Apasionada 874 - Piazolla has LOTS of potential, but it's more up the Scouts alley than anything... 2005: Rhapsody - Ditto above 2001: Virtuoso - uh, Festive Overture was great - Visual disaster hangover from 2000? 2002: Heroic Sketches - Sub par Horn book, awful drum book (the last Brian Mason book thankfully) 2009: The Red Violin - Just nothing there for me...
  10. Real or fake, it would have been my last day as a pit member for crown. I don't think they would have asked me back after my fat *** DESTROYED that marimba trying to climb on top of it. (while yelling a long string of four letter words)
  11. These pretzels are making me thirsty!
  12. bump hoping that maybe you could make a few more. (phantom, glassmen, blue stars, ect) Pretty Please!?
  13. Off topic: I clicked your link....always a pleasure to help fellow hockey fans. that you guys traded kovalchuk...