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  1. They're still technically Contras. A tuba in the key of BBb or CC is considered a contrabass tuba, whereas an F or Eb tuba is considered a bass tuba. So the term "contra" can still technically be used without fear of angering a dino.
  2. What a novel idea! I wish they would have had something like this when I marched!
  3. This. There is a TON of time for corps to clean the product they're putting on the field and there isn't a corps out there that is even remotely close to peaking yet, there's still a solid 3 weeks or so before even the mature corps start getting to that point.
  4. That's awesome! What a clever way to hype the kids!
  5. I was under the impression this was a requirement for all drivers. Is that not the case? I'm kind of the anti-driver, I complain about my 30 minute commute to work, I couldn't even imagine spending all day behind the wheel. :P
  6. While I wasn't really a fan of the options given, I think the new judging system is a step in the right direction. Although, I don't see any reason that a "fan favorite" show can't be entertaining and well executed at the same time. Cavaliers 2002 comes to mind, impeccable execution from top to bottom, maybe a little "artsy" (even though I hate that word), but largely a crowd favorite.
  7. Price Reduced to $450 for the set!
  8. It's a fun book to play, I'll say that. Looking forward to this season!
  9. Complete legacy collection for sale. Initially posted it to help cover the cost of tour fees but was offered a sponsorship so I unlisted it. Unfortunately, now my car requires yet another major repair and I'm once again force to put the DVDs on the Chopping Block. DCI Legacy Collection
  10. lol, good luck with that, those horns are.... ugh.
  11. Same. It's kind of nice to be surprised for that first show of the summer.
  12. Never once did he say that Garfield didn't deserve their well-earned gold medal, he just said that even the GC membership didn't think they were going to win that night, it's not like they won in a landslide, afterall.
  13. Glad to see this topic is back on track. Truthfully, I expected a lot of Star fans to make an appearance, not that I'm doubting anyone here's love for the former glory that was Star of Indiana. I'm definitely digging the love for Suncoast Sound and 27th, though. Skyryder's too!