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    do you have all night?
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    Crusaders, Brigadiers, Fulton Gauchos
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    Crusaders at Racine 1972 exhibition show
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    1965 kicked butt
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    Rochester, NY
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    Drum Corps of any kind

    retired after a long corps career

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About Me

Old drum corps guy turned author:

I Am Woman: The Dani Affair Available on

for more information:

Competitive Senior Corps Experience:

Mexico Grey Barons - 1 seasons

Fulton Gauchos - 5 seasons

Syracuse Brigadiers - 6 seasons

Rochester Crusaders - 14 season (4 as corps director)

DCA Visual Adjudicator - 7 years

DCA Visual Caption Chief Judge - 2 years

DCA Director of Marketing and Public Relations - 14 years

Hosted Drum Corps on Review - WOSC - Fulton, NY, WSGO - Oswego, NY

Writer: Drum Corps World, Drum Corps News


World Drum Corps Hall of Fame

Rochester Crusaders Hall of Fame

Awarded Lifetime Membership Syracuse Brigadiers Alumni

Northeast Color Guard Hall of Fame

Pennsylvania Drum Corps Hall of Fame (Honorary)

Thank you drum corps - it's been a great ride... :thumbup: