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  1. Saturday June 21. Competitive drum corps returns to Bayonne.
  2. Click below to see pics of Dans' Bridgemen days!
  3. The Bridgemen & the entire Drum Corps Community has lost one of the finest most dedicated members I have ever had the privilege to know. Dan was an inspiration to young & old, rookie or veteran of drum corps. He was so proud to be a Bridgemen as the Bridgemen was so proud he was. He followed a snow plow from Canada during a blizzard just to make a Bridgemen Camp! If it was a show, camp, parade or a rehearsal on a black top in the middle of July, Dan was there with a smile, story & complete dedication void of any negativity! I once saw Dan polishing his horn just prior to a drill rehearsal, I asked him if he always does that, he said "Yes, but just so far, so I don't look like a rookie!" The man never had a bad word for anybody or anything! A Historian, Participant & Fan of Drum Corps Extraordinaire! Dan, you will be missed to say the least! May the HYPE be with you as you rest in peace & as you always said, "'s a Bridgemen thing.
  4. So true! I went from a comfortable V neck to a Cadet Style! Cool to Hot! & then from that to the banana!
  5. If you want to see photos of all corps that performed at TOS:
  6. We miss you too, come see the Bridgemen at DCI East! Full corps schedule at
  7. The Bridgemen are quite Alive. Reformed as a Alumni Corps playing some of the old favorite songs & arrangements as well as new songs! Many of the corps listed at the top of this thread are now marching with the Bridgemen! Come out & see us at DCI East or the following day at the Cadets Show! The full corps schedule is available at
  8. What section in the Cabs? Hornline or Drumline?