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  1. I don't know if anyone mentioned it yet, but almost anything Curt Hawkins (Cabs) plays is musical gold. Gotta give big props to his solo in 2003 during "The Prayer". Gorgeous. Oh and - you're not gonna get a sweeter sound on baritone than Jerome Kimbrough (Bush) has ever put out. Almost every baritone solo in a Bushwackers show from the late 80's to 2004 was Jerome.
  2. If you weren't with a drum corps, what were you doing at the nudist colony? Standing still, I bet.
  3. Go get em Bush! Good luck at your home show!!
  4. Sure would be nice to actually hear the CORPS and not U2...
  5. Heh, you're good for my ego. Thanks dude... it woulda been better if I was allowed to play it LOUDER, but every time I went up to the sideline for my solo, the Drum Major gave me the "shoosh" sign... See what happens when you're known as a loud horn player? It's like racial profiling. "Better quiet that guy down before he plays too loud again."
  6. Bush is auditioning for a monkey grinder. You can take a shot at that if you like...
  7. That might not be a bad idea, Mary - we should do Bushwacker Idol, with judges!
  8. I can't wait for this camp!!! Karaoke!! WOOHOOO!!! You all know how the corps members hype their shows because they think their show is the best thing since Phantom did the crab step thingy in 93?...well...I'm gonna do it here too. This show is really freakin cool. One of, if not, the best show music/concept that I've been a part of in my last 19 years of marching. The thing is, that it'll be RIDICULOUS with a full horn line - and we need more people to fill it up. What is it? Are you afraid to come down and check it out? Would you really rather be on the beach this summer instead of havi
  9. 1998 Sunrisers baritone solo in the ballad. Just kidding.
  10. Thank you, Dave. Always a pleasure. Dateline May 2005: My first Bushwackers rehearsal ever, at the "commuter parking lot" in Ridgefield Park, NJ. I'm standing in horn arc, in the rain, at night, with no lights, except for the light that Dave Kapp lent to me that is a elastic headband with a light attached to it, kinda like a coal miner. I'm trying to sight read the 3rd bari parts to 1812 Overture, when I hear a really loud note coming from the 2nd baritones, and Exley cuts us off and gives a stern look in that direction. Josh Cohen (horn sergeant at the time, I believe) says "No Mignemis,
  11. oh awesome! This music really is killer. Come down to our next camp and be a part of it!!
  12. Ya know what I'd LOVE? If we got some really awesome people to come to the next Bushwackers camp to play some ridiculously cool music with us. That's what I would love. http://www.bushwackers.org Come once, you'll never leave. MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA
  13. I felt the same way, Chris!! I've been in the marching activity for close to 18 years, and this music is the most awesome I've ever had the privilege to play. You people out there that aren't marching, and are relatively close to us - come down for one rehearsal. I guarantee you'll never leave.