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  1. I believe OC is at Chartiers-Houston high school. Last I saw.
  2. I believe the Bluecoats are on their way to a 8:00 am parade in Canton for Hall of Fame
  3. One the strangest experiences I’ve ever had in drum corps was Allentown in the early 80s back when they morning prelims and evening finals. The night before it rained very much like tonight if not more so. In the morning when arrived at the field, it was still extremely wet. Someone knew someone and before we knew it, a large helicopter from a local military base showed up and started running back and forth across the field for about 30 minutes. Shorty after that the field was dry enough to start prelims. Never happen today.
  4. In regards finding another dome, many people I know prefer seeing all the all corps at a outdoor setting rather than an indoor facility. Some go to Allentown instead of Indy. Something about hearing the corps in a more natural setting near the peak of their season. Allentown has had many many more years without rain than with rain.
  5. Saw the corps in Pittsburgh tonight, hang on guys it’s going to a great season. One the most entertaining shows out there. Crowd loved em. Kudos the mahagement.
  6. Given the make up BC this year shouldn't really be known as Cadets 3 ?
  7. Selling two sets of tickets on the 50 for DCA prelims and finals.
  8. 2 tickets left on the 50, section 140, row 8, seats 5 & 6. Cash only. Text 505-235-2255 if interested.
  9. 8th row near the 50 (section 140, seats 5 & 6). Text 505-235-2255 if interested. Cash only
  10. Was at Erie tonight. I though Crusaders performd far better tonight. I would have had them over Man by a point. Cleaning up marching nicely. I can see this going back and forth this week.
  11. Props to the guard, making progress and starting to add to the show. This whole group has grown so much in a few weeks. Props to the staff.
  12. Anybody know what's up there? Many people contributed to a Kick-Starter campaign to fund the beginning of a new effort to bring the Glassmen back. The first goal was to start a WGI guard. I do not see them anywhere. I checked the WGI web site for any mention of them and found nothing.
  13. Can anyone tell me how to get on GCVIP? Signed up today and can't find a way in to it.
  14. Cadets marched in the Pittsburgh Pride Parade 2 years ago. SF Renegades use to be a regular in the SF Pride Parade. Old news.
  15. Back to the design board DCI, I liked the old version much better. This version is too cumbersome. Too much wasted space. Using it on a Ipad can be difficult better yet on a phone.
  16. Cleaning out my attic and have decided to get rid of a large number of old copies of Drum Corps News and Drum Corps World. From 1969 - 1990s, not sure if it's every addition but there are well over 200 copies. Not really looking to sell, but would be glad to send them to someone or something that would want them, providing they would pay for shipping, Not interested in shipping individual copies. Giving this a few weeks, than putting them in the garbage. Leave message here if any interest.
  17. Just got back from semi-finals. Never mind the score, this was the best night of the year for the corps, everyone around me was standing cheering after the performance. The recaps actually are not too bad. There's got to be quirks in the system, that screws the scores around. OC has a great future, can't wait for next year.
  18. Can anyone tell me the 21 dots represent in the BK logo? I'm told it is significant.
  19. With much anticipation, finally got to OC last night in Erie. I became a big fan three years ago after seeing perform in N. PA. Having seen them on FN in San Antonio and Atlanta I was a prepared for a so so marching show. What I saw last night was far better than I expected. I figure they must have a great deal of time on the drill this week and it showed. Drums were great, I'm horns will improved now that they are showing more confidence in the drill. The only thing I see holding back is the guard. It's not that they performed badly, quite the opposite. The guard is not a World class design in IMHO, I think the design. Is a good Open Class design but it won't help them much in World Class. The scores seem to reflect this too. If they were scoring 1to 2 points higher look who they would be competing with. Having said that, I feel this corps is right on track for bigger and better things in DCI. Growing and improving at the right pace. Congrats to them for not suffering the sophomore curse, I look forward to seeing them in Indy and hoping they surprise me there. FYI I was setting near family from PA who had a member marching.
  20. Looking a little better, we will get rain but it doesn't look like it will be a bad as predicted. Small front on its way this afternoon, sun was just out for a bit. Its turf field so it will be better to march on. I think it will happen.
  21. Most of these guys are in Pittsburgh tomorrow night, guess what the weather is forecast is.....70%
  22. Having seen my first Glassmen show in 1975 and been a long time supporter, I was quite surprised me to hear last year of the debt and their folding. Much unlike other corps, I never got requests for donations, I get 7-10 request from other groups during the year. I assumed they were in good shape since I never heard from them. Having talked to a number of people over the past year, I concluded that they way the other corps keep themselves up and running is through a strong Alumni support system. ( Cadets, Vanguard, BD , PR and Troop) The Glassmen are trying to get an alumni group together. If the turn out at the Bowling Green show and the Finals event are any indication of how may alumni are interested, they are going to have a long road a head of them. The economy in Toledo isn't much help either so I doubt there is much corporate sponsorship available. So far as I can the see, the BOD hasn't been very resourceful in there fund raising efforts. This is a whole new era in running a corps, new ideas are very much needed here. The Glassmen have a 50 year history, I haven't given up hope yet, but clearly some changes are needed.