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  1. Here’s a fun game to play with non-drum corps fans: Have them watch a show, mute the TV during the into and have them guess the theme of the show.
  2. So the finals run shouldn’t count for anything? More judges should be like JP and call it like they see it.
  3. I am a huge Bluecoats fan. But after watching the entire season of Inside BD 360, I would not be upset at all if the Devils win #19. In addition to being supremely talented, the young men and women of BD are humble and very respectful. They do an amazing job of articulating the intricacies of their show. Good luck to all competitors tonight!
  4. 3rd in Guard and Percussion for Bloo. That’s somewhat surprising.
  5. Shocker in Allentown? Will the judges reward what they saw and heard tonight? If I was judging: 1.SCV 2. BD 3. Bloo