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  1. For sale: DEG Dynasty II Serial# N3361 Horn is in excellent condition. Horn has a few dings from minor use, nothing major. Original case included. Contact me at
  2. Posted on behalf of The Phantom Southerner, who posted this originally in the DCA forum by mistake. This is the Crusaders first year in World Class, having won the Open Class championship last year, and after you see them, you’ll probably be wondering what took DCI so long to convert them to the upper tier of competition. I’ve been reading a book about near death experiences, so this opening has particular resonance with me (sorry Phantom Regiment, but even though I'm a lifelong Phan, Dvorak’s “Going Home” Southern gospel theme has never been more effectively presented). It’s a show about the passages of life and death, set in the South (this is going to be a big hit in Atlanta), and it’s clear that the theme is embraced from the beginning. The music is wonderfully intertwined with the show concept and drill throughout (example, using the New Orleans funeral procession with the combination of custom written music and Gershwin is a perfect coupling in terms of style), and very well performed by a group of musicians who will develop over time as they are challenged by a very strong and complex musical book. I was impressed by the sophistication that still engages the audience throughout. The guard is talented and utilized very well in providing framing and interpretive color, and their uniforms enhance the Southern feel. The cross motif shows up throughout, especially at the end, as their closer is their own take on the classic Star of Indiana double cross move, albeit a bit slower. The electronic pieces (synth) are effectively blended with the music so that they aren’t nearly as distracting as they might otherwise be. This show proves you can be cerebral AND entertaining (anyone listening out there in Concord?), and I simply can’t get over the degree of nuance and attention to detail that the staff has exercised in developing it, because you normally don’t see it to this extent with a corps at this level. Once they get this show cleaned, it will really impress with the points they’ll realize before the year is out. Consider this a shout out and thanks to everyone in the Crusaders organization for a job well done!
  3. For sale: 1 used Yamaha Mellophone, with case, from the Oregon Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps. The instrument was in use 2010 – 2011 and comes “as-is”, with no warranty implied. It is in good working order with no major damage or wear. Price is $900 Please respond to for more info and picture.
  4. The long awaited sequel to Powerchops is here. Buckle up.
  5. Anyone know what years Jeff Prosperie was percussion arranger for Phantom Regiment? Thanks!!
  6. I know he wrote the books from 92-95. Did he do any other years? Thanks!
  7. "Politics" aside, I think I failed to make my point. I am extremely passionate about this aspect of drum corps. I think sometimes we get so caught up in the competitive aspect of the activity so much we forget what drum corps is really about. Education. This is a youthactivity, not professional sports. How do you go to a non-profit organization and say, "I'm sorry, you can only spend X amount of dollars in service of your kids this year because X organization can only spend X amount and that's not fair to them." I understand the salary cap in professional sports, but it wouldn't work in this setting. Organizations that struggle finalcially should be emulating what the long term successful corps are doing. Carolina Crown is a perfect example of a forward thinking, innovative organization that has created self-sustaining successful business ventures to support their corps. I applaud them for that. I also applaud corps like Pioneer that lives within it's means and introduces new kids to the activity year after year. I DO NOT applaud corps that live above their means, rise competitively quickly, then burn out leaving many people in and out of the activity with a bitter taste in their mouth.
  8. What do you mean "share the wealth?" What wealth? Why should any organization that busts their ##### every year to balance their budgets give their hard earned dollars to another organization? Socialism doesn't work, especially in drum corps.
  9. I'm looking for the audio of this warmup. Anyone?
  10. Haha! No freaking wonder I can't find anyone who knows. It's been frustrating me for the last week!
  11. I remember seeing a vignette about him on the 1997 finals broadcast if I remember correctly.
  12. Who was the brass caption head in 2002 and 2006?
  13. I was looking at the "Through the Years" portion of the BD website. It doesn't list Wayne Downey as brass caption head from 1997-1999. If it wasn't him, who was it? Thanks!