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  1. Yes he was. He was LD Bells Designer from 2003-2011. He has been at Broken Arrow since 2004.
  2. That number for crown is not correct. If you add total visual to total music you get - 1. Blue Devils 58.375 2. Crown 58.238 3. Bluecoats 58.225 Crazy close between the top three in performance.
  3. This show is so full of potential. I mean if that's the bare bones I can't wait to see what it becomes. I am getting that this could become something truly special. That brass line is killer. It's only June 18th and they sound like that!
  4. Like what Centerville High School did this past season with their show "A View Askew"
  5. Coppell High School from Texas in 2005. The whole show is the Organ Symphony using Music from all movements.
  6. DCI posted that they were. When I contacted them a little over a week after finals this year to find out when they would be releasing them they said they never intended on releasing semis APDs, just prelims, even though they admit they advertised all season they were going to.
  7. 12. 2009 Carolina Crown - The Grass is Always Greener... 11. 2005 Cadets - The Zone (Dreamscapes in Four Parts With A Door) 10. 2013 Carolina Crown - E=mc2 9. 2012 Blue Devils - Cabaret Voltaire 8. 2010 Phantom Regiment - Into the Light 7. 1991 Blue Devils - Conversations in Jazz 6. 1991 Star - Roman Images 5. 2013 Blue Devils - The re:Rite of Spring 4. 1999 Santa Clara - Inventions for a New Millennium 3. 2000 Santa Clara - The Age of Reverence 2. 2010 Blue Devils - Through A Glass, Darkly 1. 1993 Star - Music of Barber and Bartok
  8. Spot on. All you hear every year is wow Downey wrote another great book but since 2006 at least I would say it's more 75%-25% David Glyde. They make a killer pair though.
  9. Dave Glyde has written the brass book since 2004. Downey then arranges it for brass and adds his flair, and the Blue Devils sound to it. This combo has, in my opinion, been pure magic year in and out.
  10. in my opinion, I dont care if you love or hate a show, love or hate the staff, EVERY CORPS get a standing opinion. You are not aplauding the show or the staff you are clapping for the KIDS who have worked non-stop for the last 2+ months to acheive a goal of being the best they can be. Anything thing less is insane to me.