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  1. Sonus Brass Theater, the all-age SoundSport team for Northern Virginia, has recently announced its 2016 production, Virginia Is For (Drum Corps) Lovers! This lovely show features the following musical selections: Radar Love, Golden Earing Tchaikovsky's Romeo & Juliet Fantasy Overture Kiss the Girl, from The Little Mermaid Say Hey I Love You, Michael Franti & Spearhead I Think I Want To Marry You, Bruno Mars Sonus Brass won Best of Show at 2015 SoundSport event at the Georgia Dome. Sonus will be hosting its 2016 open house on March 12 at Marstellar Middle School in Prince William County, Virginia. For more information visit or
  2. Instead of starting a new one, why not join the established group already there, Souns Brass Theater (winners of the Atlanta SoundSport show)?
  3. Congratulations to the Kidsgrove Scouts for winning DCE today!
  4. They ended up merging with Tampa Bay Thunder (and kept the KK name). If I remember correctly, they had camps in preparation for the 2006 season, but didn't have the numbers to make a go of it. I think we ended up with a member or two from them in 2006.
  5. Sonus Brass Theater, a program offering of Shenandoah Sound Drum & Bugle Corps, is currently at work preparing for the SoundSport season. We are currently casting performers in all sections especially low brass. There are open positions in brass, percussion, and electric bass/synth. Sonus is an all-age SoundSport ensemble in Northern Virginia. Low-cost & easy commitment level. We are planning on performing at several DCI shows this summer including DCI Finals in Indy! For more information including our schedule, please visit Twitter @SonusBrass
  6. The open house for Sonus Brass Theater is Sunday, March 8 from 1-5pm at Marstellar Middle School: 14000 Sudley Manor Dr Bristow, VA 20136 for details Follow us on Twitter @SonusBrass
  7. Correct, we won't be competing in DCA this year. We'll see what the future holds!
  8. When we decided to withdraw from DCA competition last summer, we knew it wouldn't be the end of us or the activity in Northern Virginia. So, I am happy to announce to you nice folks here on DCP that we are kicking off the first ever season for Sonus Brass Theater, a DCI SoundSport ensemble based in Prince William County, Virginia. We're really excited about the possibilities that SoundSport will provide us including the opportunity to perform at DCI Championships in Indy at the SoundSport event there. Our open house is March 8-please see our website or social media pages for more information Check us out on Facebook: Twitter@ SonusBrass
  9. After a show, give me a big plate of buttered noodles from the Pioneer cook truck
  10. @FloridaSun..I do all the Maryland recruiting since I live up here. @Jeff..No, we haven't. Since so many of the ACCs bands are from PA or NJ, most of the band kids would be outside our target area. We were going to do Chapters at South Hagerstown, but the band I teach has a show that day in Annapolis.
  11. I will be recruiting for Shenandoah Sound tomorrow (Monday) at the Frederick County Marching Band Festival at Linganore High School in Frederick, Maryland. All of the county's public high school bands will be performing in exhibition tomorrow night. If you're in the Frederick, Maryland area, come enjoy a great evening of marching band! Doors open at 5. Show starts at 6.
  12. US Bands has different size panels for different shows. At the show my band competed at last week, we had 4 judges: GE, Ens Vis, Ens, Music, Ind, Music. It's what's called a "silver" show. A full panel has two Overall GE, Ind Music, Ens Music, Ens Visual
  13. We were recruiting at a windy & cold band show in Leesburg, VA last night!
  14. I wasn't personally there, but the people who were at Woodbridge were happy with the turnout at our booth.
  15. I'm happy to announce that Shenandoah Sound will have a recruiting table at the Frederick County (MD) Marching Band Festival on Monday, October 13 at Linganore HS outside Frederick, Maryland! This is will be our 3rd year recruiting at the festival which showcases all of the public high schools' marching bands from Frederick County. I performed at this event in high school (many years ago) and so I'm excited to return and recruit from the great talent in my home county.
  16. I feel like there are two conversations happening here. But yeah, we are hitting the recruiting trail this fall in Virginia and Maryland. I've been recruiting at Maryland band shows for years. I'm from Maryland and marched in a TOB band so I'm very familiar with the circuit. I will be announcing other recruiting stops as I set them up. I teach a USBands band so I have obligations with that group, but I'll be out recruiting. Maybe I'll run into Jeff Ream again at a TOB show! Like I said in my press release when we withdrew from DCA competition this year: We're not going anywhere! I invite you to keep up-to-date with us on Facebook: ...we just announced that our indoor line is back for a 2nd year!
  17. TOB Shows have been very generous to us over the years. In the last few years, we've had booths at Chapters and a couple local shows in Chapter V (Liberty, Walksersville). We'll be hosting tables at some other upcoming band shows. We also had an ad in Walkersville's program last week (my old HS).
  18. Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with finals so please don't yell at me So, we all know that GE + communication is 50% of the score. Ensemble music + ensemble visual is 20%. What if we stopped making GE the largest caption and instead made the ensemble captions worth the most? Would shows become boring or lose appeal? Would corps stop challenging themselves to try new things? Would execution and cleanliness suddenly become more important and we have better marching and playing groups? Would making the ensemble captions more important than GE make judging less subjective? Just putting it out there for conversation...what do you think?
  19. Can a BK historian explain the significance of the dates? I'm assuming 1958 is their founding. What about 1993?
  20. It's been mentioned here on DCP and on Facebook, but here is the official statement regarding our decision to withdrawal from DCA competition for this season. Any questions or comments, please feel to email me at the address provided. The Board of Directors and administration of Shenandoah Sound Drum & Bugle Corps have the unfortunate task of announcing their withdrawal from the 2014 DCA competitive season. This means that Shenandoah Sound will not compete at any DCA shows this season. We regret the impact and disappointment to our hard working members, staff, families, fellow corps, DCA administration, and our fans. Shenandoah Sound is not folding nor is the corps disbanding. Shenandoah Sound is a stable and viable organization and the corps looks forward to competing in the future. While Shenandoah Sound will not compete this summer, the corps will still be performing! The corps will be transitioning into a Future Corps-type ensemble for their upcoming local performances. Details and schedules of performances will be available on the corps website and social media pages as they become available. Since first taking the field in DCA competition in 2003, Shenandoah Sound has continued to elevate their level of achievement with entertaining and challenging performances. The corps’ two best seasons came recently, in 2012 and 2013, when the corps earned its highest scores in DCA competition. Shenandoah Sound has become known for crowd-pleasing shows featuring recognizable melodies and the corps will continue this trend in the future. For more information about the corps, please visit or Follow the corps on Twitter @SoundDrumCorps Contact information: Anthony Fiumara (Public Relations & Drum Major)
  21. I posted on the other thread that we notified DCA and show hosts that we would be withdrawing from competition this year. We've been keeping things in-house, but I will be releasing a full statement later. We're not folding! We'll still be performing locally this summer.
  22. Shenandoah Sound notified DCA and show hosts that we would be withdrawing from competition this season. I'll be releasing a full statement later, but let me say that our organization isn't going anywhere: we are financially and administratively stable. We'll be performing at some local gigs in August. Yes, we did do the full slate of July 4th parades in Maryland and we had a blast! I'll also say that our withdraw from DCA competition is unrelated to the cancellation of our home show. We had to axe the home show because there wasn't enough interest from other corps to attend our show.