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  1. Thanks for the review on Cincinnati Tradition. We're trying to keep the corps alive. If only we had more members, we'd be going to Rochester as a small Class A corps. By the looks of things, we might have to wait awhile for that to happen.
  2. Darn my corps, Green Glory, is in the middle of the pack... But we'll come back, hopefully lol.
  3. If DCI went on DirectTV and became like NascarHOTPASS, I'd watch it constantly lol
  4. Corps Name: Green Glory Corps Division: 1 Corps Location: Batavia, Ohio
  5. I was at that show last night. It was pretty amazing. Though I didn't get to see Pioneer. I would've liked to have seen them all. Boston was amazing though. Just so much sound....
  6. Thanks for the kind words Kevin about the Tradition. We're going to bring a corps to DCA. Everyone here is stoaked. We can already see the fans faces when we put the full show on. It was a good night. And nice to here the Coats took it. I liked the concept of their show. True some visual work needs to be done, but I think they are on their way.
  7. Hello there all. I'm Tyler Loveles, I'm going to be doing the Capital Regiment Drum Corps this summer, and I am hoping I can find the money. This seems like a really good community, so I'll be around.