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  1. Holy. Crap. I knew what was going to happen.... and I still got chills. I'm still trying to find my jaw, I think it dropped onto the floor at about the part where Faust tears off the demon's mask. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. It's my second favorite- only to the power and gloriousness of the 2003 hornline!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  3. You must die!! :P Well, it may be true that the top groups get preferential treatment from sponsors, but I went to two practices this year: Cavaliers (gold) and Phantom Regiment (silver). I have multiple recordings of both those shows (I have yet to buy BD, which was also a great show). And Phantom Regiment is a lot richer this year because of me. So frankly, I think the most entertaining shows WERE the winning shows. <-- OPINION
  4. So how do you go about obtaining copyright information for all the classical music written since 1922 (especially if the composers are dead)? I'm thinking Shostakovich, Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin, Holst, Prokoviev, Copland, etc...
  5. Phantom Regiment Cavaliers Cadets Bluecoats Blue Devils... Hm. Theyre so crammed up there at the top...
  6. I can't believe Sal Salas got the boot. What were they thinking???????????? Didn't he get director of the year or something a couple years ago???
  7. Well I havent shown the 06 shows to anyone, but I have gotten several people hooked with the Phantom Regiment 2003 video, and at least one or two more interested (these are people with no musical background by the way) with the 2000 Cadets show.
  8. Last year I saw a HS do "Rhapsody" complete with the Gene Kelly guy and the eiffel tower/chevron at the end. GRR. I also saw a band with SCV's old uniforms (except blue where the green was) play The Canyon. ARGH!!!!!!
  9. 2003 Regiment (Lord's Prayer) 2006 Regiment (Ave Maria) 2005 Cadets (Dancer in the Dark) 1993 Regiment (Fire of Eternal Glory)