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  1. I loved LOVED how VK was constantly risking folding chairs. Thanks for the chuckle, VK! Good to see you.
  2. SCV is poetry in motion. First drum corps chills of the year belongs to them. It was so subtle and beautiful. All the components work together, and their guard is doing some really difficult stuff and making it look easy! They pay homage to the original App Spring. And it's beautiful. Just beautiful.
  3. I find it funny that people keep talking about Seattle, Surf and Pio, but not one person has yet to mention that Mandarins are in that grouping too. Don't forget that other corps from out west. They have just as much of a chance to make a run for it like any of the other three mentioned.
  4. I found the skirt on BD this summer distracting, but I did like their white plumes. And their guard uniforms were HORRIBLE! Belly buttons and neon. Ugh. I liked the change in the SCV uniforms (both Vanguard and the Cadets.) The only thing that really bothered me was indeed, The Michael's Christmas ribbon bargin sashes. I liked the red. Just not the fabric choice. And I have loved the new Mandarins uniforms ever since their preview. You know it's that little corp from Sactown when that burnt orange comes on the field. They are a 1000+ better than their previous uniforms, and though th
  5. Very interesting thread. I am a big fan of Mandarins, and would love to be a fan of Pio. I got to see them live last year in Pasadena, and I loved the show! (Since I don't have $$$ to my name, fan network is out of the question for me.) However, I still root for the 15-20 corps, maybe even more so than I do for the 1-5 corps. My beloved Phantom included. Why? Because, I can't tell you enough how much I love watching the hard work and achievment from these corps! I have watched Mandarins grow this year. Their membership was about 10% veterans... and 90% brand spankin new high school stu
  6. HAHAHA! I TOTALLY thought this same thing last night! Phunny!
  7. Thank you for the honesty, and for putting it all out there. Totally agree on everything! I think people were ready to tear those interviewed judges at the end a new one. Each time they said they had BD on top, I think more old ladies went flying at the screen! It was def. a Phantom crowd. Myself included, of course! And how about that three way tie in GE? Really?
  8. Great review. One of the best this season. I would like to take a moment to thank you for giving the corps like Pioneer and Mandarins more than two sentences in your review. That was very nice.
  9. This is the third year the corps has worn the rust uniforms. Personally, I think they make the corps look amazing on the field, and still the details are all about the Mandarins styles.
  10. I remember reading a story last year about a mandarins member helping an injured BD member onto the field for retreat. Does anyone remember the full story?
  11. I find it funny that some people think that tossing high is the mark of a great color guard. I have not seen Cavies or Crown live. I am one of the many unlucky people who don't get to see all those corps unless they travel west of the rockies. All I have been hearing is how Crown is amazing this year, and they were out of this world LAST year. BD, IMHO, are up there only because they are BD. I watched most of their California shows, and I can't tell you much about their guard. Except that exposed belly buttons is almost as taky as wearing a neon sign. In other words, they were a snooze
  12. I grew up and lived in Concord for 26 years. I attended high school and participated in band in high school. As much as BD was apart of my family, (oldest sister marched in 90) I was very dissapointed in the fact that many of the BD kids that attended our school had the attitude that playing in the high school band was beneath them. Yes. It happend. As I am sure it happens across the country in other schools in other states. It just made me sad. Talented kids should be taught not just to support their corps, but to also support their community. With the sad state of affairs that music
  13. Okay, so with all the moaning and groaning about visual judges and GE judges having a guard background, not one of you brings up the point that Scot Chandler runs the visual and program of Blue Devils. Any person that knows anything about color guard, knows that Scot Chandler is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest name in Color Guard. But we don't talk about that, because saying anything against the beloved BD would be terrible! I personally feel that Chandler has done some amazing stuff with BD... but OMG! He's a guard person! Run in terror everyone! To call guard a "dance ensemble"