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  1. [repost from Reddit threads] Driver / Prop guy here. Exactly that happened; at no point during the season was the generator on the performance floor. We needed power to "turn on" the battery devices that power the light posts. That step occurred right at the building entrance: gen on, power on, lights on, gen off, lights stay on. That's it. Nobody thought just having the genset on a prop cart would even catch anyone's eye. In fact, it didn't. You're correct that we passed MANY WGI officials, however the generator was buried under the pile of white posts wouldn't have been seen b
  2. I cannot locate any recent information on the topic. With so much having changed this year for media consumption involving DCI, I'm concerned at the absence of even a fleeting recognition of such products being available this fall for pre-order or otherwise. Did I miss something??
  3. Anyone else having feed problems? Better not going down the OK snafu path again...
  4. Hey @flomarching, why is the peak audio only hitting -24db on my analyzer? It should be approaching -3db. Is this seriously what we're going to get? Do I need to travel with the team and actually give your customers what they are paying for?
  5. Okay. Flo is just trolling us now, right?? No audio AGAIN???
  6. and they just turned it way down. What amateurs. I can't believe we have been reduced to this.
  7. ...and no audio. Thanks again Flo Why did DCI go this route again?? I saw the mic placement and it makes sense why the pit sound is coming from a car speaker...
  8. Agreed on poor sound quality. What is it that we're paying for?
  9. Where is the BASS??? Having listened to the on-demand videos from the Akron show, I enthusiastically awaited the APD's because for the first time in YEARS I was able to hear [and feel] the strike of the front ensemble bass drum. Anyone who has listened to DCI rips for the last 10-15 years and has a good stereo system knows what I'm talking about. I understand that with the addition of the synth in the mid/late 2000's, much of the bass has gone away but please leave something for us that counter silly kids bumping their rap music with some blasting DCI and hard hitting bass that makes us chuck
  10. I'm glad to have bought the Semi-Finals APD's. I know there not nearly as refined as the published CD's will be, but at least I have the complete PERFORMED content for my listening enjoyment as well as anyone in a 100 foot radius or so if its nice outside! Anyone remember the days of the Finals CD's being published in a matter of a couple weeks after the season ended? To DCI (because I know you guys read this forum): I wouldn't want to be in your shoes with all the licensing nightmares-- 10 years ago corps weren't using 10 or 15+ different pieces in some sort of derivative fashion; Thank You
  11. WORKAROUND: When you get to the download page, right-click and “save target as” and manually download them. It’s not as clean as the single hyperlink click method, but still effective. NOTE: It would be very nice if DCI wrapped those into a single downloadable package. Maybe a .zip or .rar file. Michael
  12. …still holding breath for San Antonio APD's too. Streaming them is not necessarily the best way when you live/drive in the sticks... I know the DCI Audio guy is a regular on this board!
  13. I think there is something in the water out there. Really bd?? Edit: from someone who loves bd!
  14. I stopped going to finals every year since they started extorting people by making you "buy-up" for the best access. Anyone remember waiting all night in some hotel lobby to get finals tickets for the next year!?!? Those were the days!!!