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  1. I'm from north alabama. Band of about 150 or so. Our fees were a 35$ "Fair share" that went into a gen. fund for new instruments, uniforms, etc. about 150 dollars to help cover band camp, etc. and a 15$ fee to get the uniforms cleaned. All of this could be fundraised.
  2. where in Atl? I went with my girlfriend (a drum corps first timer) and she was hoping we would see him after I told her about Bones, but we never saw him. Went on a bit of a "ghost hunt" too. :P
  3. When did Terrence I. McGee start running Babelfish???
  4. To add to this, i think the the person wearing the black cape just depends? Because in 06 Tommy Alan wore it did he not? But this year the guard sergeant did? Or maybe I'm lying... not sure.
  5. Well, i've never seen ayone do it blindfolded, but the university of alabama had a blind trumpet player that marched four 4 years... i guess that means it's totally possible. You would have to have a "march to dot" type of drill technique though obviously.
  6. *stands up* Hi. My name is Chase, and I'm an alcoholic... *Hi, chase* but seriously, I'm auditioning for cavies again this year on trumpet. I will be at the Atlana camp, and look forward to meeting you other Cavie hopefuls. Best of luck to you.
  7. DJ, Last year for spirit they had you prepare a piece (I used an Arban Characteristic Study). they also had a few exercises to perform and i THINK i played a chromatic scale? At Cavies auditions we had/have a whole packet of information and exercises, as well as a few pieces. I would suggest checking the websites of the corps. At any camp, be prepared to do anything you would at a normal rehearsal. Spirit had us running and prepping for pretour at the audition, while cavies did NOT, so the actual process will vary by corps. Hope this helps, and feel fre to msg me if you have other question
  8. Xmen - Bag o' Bones Spirit - Southern Gentleman/Southern Comfort Southwind - Bluegrass Born and Bred
  9. That would be Scenes From an Italian Restaurant.
  10. second trumpet solo. The drill was changed since earlier in season to make Mike more visible. Really a neat effect. No need to be a cavie basher, or insult the fans.
  11. i have acquired my tickets. will a mod please close this?
  12. wsn't that the way it worked last year? you could preview, i thought... of course there was also a time when you could just purchase a 3 month subscription *rolls eyes*
  13. Looking for two tickets to the atlanta show. preferably in the mezzonin. thanks!
  14. just want to note that i quoted the wrong post. I meant to quote the post about him being biased, but not attacking. oops.