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  1. Well's been fun, but this is my last post on DCP. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I pack up the truck and head to my new life in Athens, GA, where I will join the faculty there along with some fantastic colleagues that I am going to be very lucky to learn from. I was not surprised during the job search process to have folks on search committees tell me that they had run across some of my posts on DCP via google searches. Luckily, I've never really gone off the deep end here, but it was enough to put me on notice. Truly, everything we do these days is open to the world, and I can
  2. No need for gunplay. I agree that they have as good a shot. It isn't my favourite Cavaliers show of the last decade, but it's sitting in 2nd place right now with some cleaning to do....I'd say they have a better shot at the title than Regiment does.
  3. Why ask why? Personally....I think that fans refer to them as "Phantom" because it's the first word in the name. As for members and alumni...not sure. I don't ever recall making a decision to call them "Regiment." I just did...from very early on. Maybe it was referred to in that way by other staff and members and i just picked it up, maybe not. I don't have any problems with a non-member calling them "Regiment" however....and I don't think i have ever seen a FMM who does. But I tell you what...on at least two occasions I have known right away when someone was lying about marching with PR be
  4. I don't see it. They are clean right now. But their brass has issues...about the only thing that I would call "untouchable" in their show right now is their guard. Heck, even a non-guard person like me can see they are out of this world. If they win Finals, it will be by less than a point. Corps will catch up.
  5. Well duh, I'd obviously have an evil filter installed in the cloning device. Hey, I'm not crazy over here.
  6. There's no doubt that the Devs march whatever they are given very, very cleanly. And I must say, I do enjoy this year's drill design much more than I have most years (2006 being an exception). But...I'm not seeing it when people say that the Devs' drill design is light years ahead of Regiment's. I think they are near the same level* in design, though I do believe Regiment's demand is slightly higher. *Unless by "visual design" people are talking about which case, BD is certainly LIGHT YEARS ahead of Regiment in that department. Oh, and in the "clean feet" department. But in the
  7. I'm still waiting for you to point it out to me. From what I saw, most of the jazz running looked like 5-to-5....which I don't recommend attempting to do without jazz running unless you've got really long legs. Please tell me where I can see the 6-to-5 jazz running. I'm serious, not being sarcastic...I want to see it...
  8. You mean like when Cavaliers used it in the Fight Club scene in 2002 and no one said a word back then? Oh, but if Regiment does must be "teh suck."
  9. If they WERE to go black one of these years....I have just one little word of advice: KEEP THE WHITE UNIS AROUND! Imagine the GE if they HAD come out in all-black for Finals in 2006? Couldn't do that because the black unis were probably sold off to a high school after 1999. Keep the unis somewhere in storage if you do change again....just in case. (Just please don't go back to the white pants/tan top).
  10. If you don't have a large and somewhat competent guard in DCI these days, fuggedahboutit. That's what you get for having so many guard folks judging the visual categories. I wonder...of all the visual judges, how many of them are drill writers versus color guard personnel who don't write drill?
  11. I was Back in the good old days of Usenet, before AOL and WebTV access. I can't remember the gRAMDies I won, it was a few...usually for sarcastic flame responses, faux news stories, or smart-alecky one-liner comebacks. I think I also won "Sexiest Male Poster" or something like that....with Martha Leeson (now Garcia). Maybe it was Cutest Couple or something (even though we never even met! Heh). Now I am curious....I am off to google stuff.... Aha! Found some. I had forgotten all about my crappy roommate that inspired the following gRAMDie-winning (real) story: The Roo
  12. Problem is... It isn't like DCI's website ignored the Blue Devils...they very clearly mentioned that the Devils were still undefeated and had won 17 straight (did no one read the story?). It just seemed a little like piling on. I get it. There have been a few vocal fanboys out and about this morning...if you're a fan of the corps that is for all intents and purposes the 2008 Champion-to-be-crowned, I can understand why it would get annoying. But let them have their fun...sadly, I think that will be dashed either tonight or in Bloomington (it won't matter to me....I will still enjoy the heck
  13. Mine said "Go eff yourself." I think it is borked. (but my tea leaves said Regiment is going to finish 3rd this year)