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  1. Backing up Bob Costas on Super Bowl pre-game show.
  2. I happen to be an old grump that believes NO open class / div.2-3 corps should be competing during WC Finals AT ALL! You had your Finals. Congratulations. That's it. If you want to be World Class, then get your butt on a WC tour and compete against WC corps night after night where the WC judges can get multiple looks against you and your peer competition. This "feel-good," "let our little brothers and sisters play with us too," stuff is baloney. Open Class competing at prelims has NOTHING to do with enrichment or education or any of the other reasons you hear... it has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that DCI does NOT have enough World Class corps anymore to justify holding a Thursday show - so they have to manufacture a way to make Thursday look important enough for people to still show up and buy tickets. Open Class to the rescue! $$$$ The result is this bastardization whereby everybody has been separate all season, but now we are all equal? Thank you Boston, we are the Animal Farm. I just think it is a slap in the face to Academy, Spirit and Oregon Crusaders for BDB to pop in 15th without the same amount of looks and comparisons within the World Class competitive framework. My solution? Take away all of the divisions... everybody is just Drum Corps - big or small. Everybody goes up against everybody every night. You don't like it? Then start your own league and have your own finals - but you aren't part of DCI. That's my rant - what's yours?
  3. What will I remember 10 years from now? Academy - The big British flag hit at the end. Very cool. Colts - The Scarecrow skipping away into the sunset at the end. Cavaliers - The vampires setting up, then waking from their graves at the beginning. Crown - "Major Tom" - blastoff! Bluecoats - The tilt platforms and the member flying off at the end.
  4. Thanks! Just did teh same - working fine.
  5. AMEN!!! All chopped up. How do you NOT finish Niner Two?!?
  6. I still say this white hospital-orderly uniform just doesn't match the music Madison is playing.
  7. The performance level of Crossmen is definately a step up from all the other corps before them. Great show!
  8. Ha! That's exactly what I was thinking. I love the Troopers - but their show concepts are ages old.
  9. OK. Somebody help me out here... What does he mean at the end? What's it all about? I really like the show and can follow it up to the end - then it loses me. What's the conclusion?
  10. I don't want to dis anybody, but Academy's show was like a breath of fresh air. Great show! Lots of fun! Hope they can keep improving and move up.
  11. Great music and a show concept that everyone in the audience can follow. Thank you Academy! Looks like a fun show - can't wait to see it!
  12. Soccerguy - thanks for posting the sheets!! This really helps explain what the scores mean. I don't ever remember DCI having something like this posted on their scores page. I wish they would. It wouldn't have to be this detailed, but if they did, I think it would help people understand what is being judged and why. More understanding = more appreciation = more fans = more tickets!
  13. Thanks! Great review. BTW - I was very impressed with Thunder. A good group - hope they can tour more next year.
  14. How about... the show is about time, space, energy and the infinite. And true love itself is infinite. Doesn't the boy on the bench say something like he will love the girl until the end of time? Anyway - I'm going to go with that. Now, can someone please help me understand the Blue Knights show??? Because I don't get anything about it that says "no beginning, no end."
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