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  1. I read that the battery will "probably" be 7 snares, 4 tenors, 6 bass and 6 cymbals. As an alumnus of both the cymbal and bass lines I think the balance looks perfect 😀. That being said I never like to see only 4 tenors to start the year because of the frequency of knee injuries often leads to only 3 tenors and that is just too small.
  2. As one of the "old alumni" I'd say Weedy has nailed it on the head. As with most things on DCP or just social media in general most conversations descend into a cesspool of the same few people who love to state their opinion over & over & over .........................
  3. No longer with us (from my neck of the woods) Eau Claire Boys Sundowners St. Paul Scouts Bells of St. Mary's Wausau Story
  4. This summer is in question, DOP is at Memorial High School due to construction at Middleton H.S. and on a Thurs so not looking promising. As far as finding volunteers that may be another challenge.
  5. They confirmed at the meeting on Friday night that to to be a "voting member" in 2020 they are raising the amount from $100 to $500. To me it is clearly a way to push the alumni aside. I had assumed that it was the "old alumni" they were trying to push away but this clearly will push away the youngest alumni who will find it the most difficult to come up with a spare $500. They only allowed enough people on the ballot for board members to equal the number of open seats and "vetted" 3 members put forward by the alumni association off the ballot.
  6. Hey Nick, what's up bass drum brother? Shadow Armada changed their name to Shadow when they joined DCI Open Class. I think that was 2016. I knew that their was no affiliation with the Scouts but was surprised to see there was only one Scout alumnus on staff (or admin) this year.
  7. Open Class Shadow is 10 to 12 miles from Madison in Oregon, WI.
  8. The Alumni Corps is separate from the Scouts. Members pay for the whole thing.
  9. I agree, I think the sound would've been better if we were sitting on the Bascom Hill lawn. I did enjoy the musical book, they did have a "Madison sound" to them but need some major cleaning but heck that's what the next 7 to 8 weeks are all about. The drumline was tight!
  10. I think it was 1980 because I remember her interviewing Scouts DM Daniel S. "Boomer" Veerhusen.
  11. I believe for years that the big HS marching bands designers, WGI designers and DCI designers are one in the same. The DCI designers try out and tweak their ideas on their BOA/WGI units.
  12. Apparently the judges he spoke to must've retired.
  13. I WISH! I actually think the Brewers are a great example of how the Scouts were run for a long long time and should be now. Of course they need more $$ but they don't have to be the richest corps to compete at the top. BD & SCV are an anomaly because their state allows them to earn money from bingo (or gambling) that Wisconsin and most other states don't allow just as the Yankees, LA, Cubs and Red Sox are an anomaly because of the TV revenue they get compared to the other markets. It's more difficult of course but that's why people love it when an under dog wins. You really shouldn't use b
  14. The Scouts alumni page was not run by "the leadership" but rather by 2 alumni who started it years ago. They shut it down on their own because of all the BS they had to weed through daily and didn't have the time or desire to do so.
  15. Jim worked on a few different productions of BLAST! during his last stint with the Scouts so I doubt that would be an issue. "Even if he was interested" would be the big question.
  16. I've also been saying this for the last 3 or 4 years.
  17. I don't remember the buses breaking down in the desert on that tour but they broke down A LOT so it sure is a possibility. One thing I do remember about that day is that we were staying in Gilbert and it was like 110 degrees so we rehearsed music to the new show inside all day. I do remember going into a bar with some other 21 year old guys and they wouldn't serve us - even soda. Don't know if it was because some of us were black or because we were a bunch of long hairs. Gilbert was quite a small town at that time, I'm sure its much different today. You did get to witness our "disco show" befo
  18. Madison was in Disneyland on 7-04-76 but we did go to Phoenix the next day for a show.
  19. Thanks (from all of us who marched that grueling year in 76). Looking back on it after all these years, I still believe if we would have been given a decent show to perform for the entire year we may have been able to compete with BD but rehashing an old show with a new opener and drum solo was not going to beat BD's master piece of a show.
  20. The entire show was changed in '76. All music and drill. I don't think it's mentioned much as a favorite show because so much was repeated from the '75 show. Having marched both years I still go back and forth as to what was a bigger accomplishment.
  21. Hunter did not return to the Scouts. The link is to a podcast from last November where they interviewed Hunter and his parents. If I remember correctly he is now into singing rather than playing trumpet. On a side note I see one of the film makers (Mac) was in Madison today being interviewed by Wisconsin Public Television - "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood" will be broadcast sometime in May across the State of Wisconsin.
  22. Having a beer with THIRDCOAST at the Drums On Parade pre-show tailgate.