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  1. https://www.facebook.com/DCACorps/videos/229883451039806/UzpfSTIyMDQ4MjM3MzM6MTAxNTY3NDU1ODMxNzM3MzQ/
  2. Same thing happened last night DURING Fusion Core....maybe DCP isn't liking the Core! Shame...I was looking forward to hearing your review of them!
  3. Excellent performances by all! Thank you to all performers for a great 2017 season!!!!!
  4. The ONLY question, I think, is guard. But that was quite a statement they just made!!!!
  5. It's been 20 years since the bus accident and I still bear the scars...but I bear them proudly When i see where the group has gone these last 2 decades!! Go Bucs!!!
  6. Ok, going to don the jolly roger and enjoy my BiB brothers without comment. They better bring it!!
  7. Just a thoroughly entertaining and clean performance! Atlanta, thank you for that phenominal performance!!
  8. Another corps that explores the areas between ff and mp so well! Great guard work to match.
  9. The drum line is incredibly musical and nuanced!!
  10. Great guard work to complement some nice playing from the horns.
  11. Soft perc line playing and done soooooo well!
  12. Some great performing across the board in this opener! Precise!!!