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  1. The Girl

    ## Kiltie Update ##

    Very much looking forward to seeing you in the parade again this year.
  2. The Girl

    2008 Standings

    The Perkins in Racine is simply awful. The worst I have ever been to. You can't get waited on and it takes forever to get your order. If they hate you, believe me, it's no loss.
  3. The Girl


    Hey Dik . . . would you please tell Katie about the gathering at George's on Saturday night? There's going to be at least 4 prior Regals that she instructed there who would love to visit with her. Thanks,
  4. The Girl


    Oh my Heavens . . . . Dick, how the heck are you????? Oh . . . how fun, we have to talk.
  5. The Girl


    Yes, it is. One block North of the Main Street Bridge, on the East side of the road.
  6. The Girl


    Hope to see you there.
  7. The Girl


    Check out the web page for the bar/restaurant that is hosting our event: Now there is one proud alumni. The penguin pictured is actually on the roof of the building. So, if you get lost, just look for a Penguin in a Kilt standing on top of a building. You can't miss it.
  8. The Girl


    Very good stuff.
  9. The Girl


    Hey John, Will you be helping me with souvies on the 26th?
  10. The Girl


    Does anybody know the last time these Corps were in Racine together?
  11. The Girl


    It is so cool that we're hosting both a DCI and DCA show this year. Can't wait . . . .
  12. The Girl

    ## The 2008 Kilties ##

    Peyton Manning. . . Peyton Manning . . . . Is he any relation to the Giants quarterback, Eli Manning? Just kidding . . . . .
  13. The Girl

    ## The 2008 Kilties ##

    Hey Hair Bear . . . Will either of you be attending the banquet on Saturday evening?
  14. Sun glasses are not just a fashion statement. They also serve a purpose - protecting your eyes. Just copied this from a fitness magazine. "UV rays are invisible, high-energy rays of light that, if absorbed by your eyes, can cause or enhance several eye ailments. This happens because the UV light can cause a reaction in our eye tissue. And once it occurs, it cannot be reversed. The UV rays can play a large role in the following eye diseases: Cataract – Clouding of the eye; causes blurring or dimming of vision – UV rays are the largest culprit in the formation of cataracts Pteryguim – Tissue growth on the whites of eyes; can block vision Skin cancer – Eyelids and facial skin can develop melanoma Age-related macular degeneration – Deterioration of the eye’s macula (sensitive center of the retina). Preventing sunburn Taking care of your eyes should be a top concern for all no matter the time of the year, but especially during the hot summer months of June, July and August. Sunglasses provide one of the best sources of UV protection. In order to properly protect your eyes, choose sunglasses that over at least 95 percent UV protection. Also, choose a lens tint that blocks 80 percent of transmissible light, but no more than 90-92 percent of light because lens tint does not protect you from UV rays, and can affect your ability to see correctly. Large lenses that fit close to the eyes are best. Those that block visible blue light are even safer. Top your head with a hat The simple combination of a hat and sunglasses can give you all the protection you need to protect those baby blues."
  15. The Girl

    Kilties Win Top Honors!

    Bill . . . Bill . . . Bill . . . my dear friend. You didn't mention the Honor Guard. :)