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  1. Yes, but Music City was also in a similar situation less than 5 years ago when they announced they were folding at the end of the season and then came back. I wish them nothing but the best of luck in world class but this does concern me.
  2. I was thinking the same thing.....if you read the wikipedia profile it clearly states that just 4 years ago they announced they were folding due to financial issues.
  3. With a score that barely would have them in open class finals it may be time to reconsider staying in world class....are the kids really getting the best experience? At least if they were to compete in open class they would get three performances during championship week.
  4. On the live blog of world prelims it was noted that both organizations have changed the primary mission of being a feeder program to that of being their own corps.
  5. Both BDB and SCVC operate as their own corps and are not feeder corps. Prior to 2008 they always made finals when they attended championships but were not always at the top. The more they won the easier it was to attract talent. At this point they are talented enough to be world class corps. But being in world class is not all about competitive results. It is about the ability to fund a national tour. Pioneer is a good example. They would have barely made open class finals from a competitive standpoint....but they are financially stable enough to offer their members a national tour. I am prett
  6. It's going to be a fight for those bottom spots in semis......if scores hold from open class finals four world class corps (Genesis, Seattle, Surf, and Pioneer) could be bumped out. I would predict that Seattle, Surf and Pioneer do not make the cut and Vanguard Cadets, Blue Devils B, Legends, Music City, and Spartans make semis.
  7. I would argue that sleeping in a gym and bonding as a team would be more beneficial than splitting up the kids into hotel rooms for the last week of the season.
  8. Love the fire at the end of the show and was wondering where I had seen it before......Avon HS used the exact same prop at BOA in 2014! Some of the same staff that teach Avon also are teaching BAC this year!
  9. Considering that just a few years ago Music City announced they were going inactive and were saved by donors.....I highly doubt that they would pass the review to move to World Class....I think they are on the right track from a talent and design perspective but the main factors in deciding on World Class are the financial stability to sustain a full tour. I am not sure about Legends....but all signs point in the direction that they may be next. They have slowly built up their tour every year with a few more shows....and they have continued to climb the competitive ladder. Not sure of their in
  10. Is there actually a rule that an organization cannot have two world class corps? What about when the YEA ran both Cadets and Crossmen at the same time?
  11. So I'm guessing they are not announcing scores until the end???
  12. Are scores being announced after each corps? Or only in large chunks?
  13. When we used to travel to Canada for shows the members did not need passports etc. When you crossed the border they would walk on the bus and ask for ID from anyone that they thought may not be US citizens. We would always cross at night and they would tell us to all pretend to be asleep to make the crossing easier. Times have changed and today they would require a passport from every member in the caravan.
  14. A good friend of mine that is from Canada told me that one of the biggest reason for a lack of Canadian corps is a lack of instrumental music programs in the schools. This limits the talent pool to recruit from for Canadian corps. It is also much more difficult for non-Canadian members to travel across the border to participate in Canadian corps.
  15. A point to remember is that DCI does not promote groups to World Class. The corps themselves apply for World Class and go through an evaluation to ensure they can handle the financial side of a World Class tour. A group does not need to beat Vanguard Cadets of Blue Devils B in order to qualify for World Class status. Looking at the length of tour that Genesis was given by DCI this year I would guess that they are looking to make that move and DCI is testing them out.