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  1. I voted for 2012 Crossmen. The screamers at the end of the first part of that show still play in my head!
  2. It was kind of a slam dunk but if I wasn’t choosing Drum Corpse Bride it would either be the ReBourne show by Blue Stars or Spirit’s Speakeasy. The ReBourne music is amazing and the Speakeasy show was really fun.
  3. I always thought the “E” in your name stood for “Ed”! nice pull!
  4. Bloooooo! Your show is going to go down as one of the all-time crowd favorites! That performance is one for the ages and I am so happy to have witnessed it! Thank you!
  5. It’s always Finals day when I truly realize how little I really care how the corps finish. Many of the show that have left lifelong impressions on me are not champions. Among them are 1989 Phantom Regiment, 1991 SCV, 2003 Phantom Regiment, 2006 Bluecoats, 2006 Carolina Crown, 2007 Phantom Regiment, 2008, 2009 Blue Stars, 2014 Bluecoats. There are many more. Good luck to all corps tonight!
  6. It would be apropos for Carolina Crown to score 1.61803398875 at Finals. Fortunately it will be much higher.
  7. This is my favorite fake-out. Every time I hear a bass drum mark the four beats to march off the field now from any corps, I start hearing the ‘88 BD ending in my head (yes, this has been playing in my head every summer for the past 31 years...).
  8. Just keep it going for 5 more days and lay it on the line like you always do! Can’t wait!
  9. I just have to say that regardless of scores...because all of that is ephemeral, especially at shows that aren't Finals, we are so lucky that we get to experience such an amazing lineup of corps. Thank you, drum corps!
  10. Wow, what a great show! LOVED BK tonight, and I rarely say that. Love their music. Blue Stars were amazing! Love the little additions. SCV, BD and Blooo are going to be headed right down to the wire. Simply a great show!!! Can't wait for tomorrow night! Too many exclamation points?!?!?!?!?
  11. na na na nanananaaaaaa nanananaaaa hey Bloooooo.....!!!!!