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  1. That was the same for us. Our high school marching band field show rival was a small school called Rocori, with apologies to one of their alumni, Jay Dold, who went on to great success with the Blue Devils and taught me everything I ever learned about playing drums for marching band.
  2. I was the one that said Regiment got robbed. It’s all in good fun. You obviously stopped after that word and didn’t see the smiley face at the end of the post nor my subsequent replies.
  3. Surprise to me next year is if they went totally classical genre.
  4. Yes, but to my 16 year old mind that year, Regiment was infallible. They were the corps of destiny and were clearly robbed.
  5. The biggest travesty for me was 1989. Granted, SCV’s Phantom of the Opera was a beast of epic proportions, but Phantom Regiment got robbed by .4 points, mainly because SCV played much of the same music from the year before. You can disagree if you like, but my judgement is beyond reproach, according to the post guidelines! 😄
  6. Guesses on what Bloo does next? My guess is they push the envelope yet again with something above the field, like trapeze or just playing with three dimensional space in yet another way.
  7. For me the choices were Bluecoats or Bluecoats...I love Tilt so much, but this year’s show topped it. Inferno is my 3rd favorite of all these. Man, that show was powerful.
  8. It’s SCV’s Les Mis for me, but Force of Nature and Crown’s A Second Chance are close behind.
  9. Into the Light is my choice. One the most beautiful shows to ever grace the field in my opinion.
  10. I almost picked Madison’s Bew York Morning, as that show makes me wonder why I always get dust in my eyes when I hear it. Good stuff. However it’s got to be 2012 Blue Knights. That Avian show was a bit strange to me at first, but grew and grew on me. Now it’s probably my favorite BK show ever. And you really can’t go wrong with Firebird...in space!
  11. I voted for 2012 Crossmen. The screamers at the end of the first part of that show still play in my head!
  12. It was kind of a slam dunk but if I wasn’t choosing Drum Corpse Bride it would either be the ReBourne show by Blue Stars or Spirit’s Speakeasy. The ReBourne music is amazing and the Speakeasy show was really fun.
  13. I always thought the “E” in your name stood for “Ed”! nice pull!
  14. Bloooooo! Your show is going to go down as one of the all-time crowd favorites! That performance is one for the ages and I am so happy to have witnessed it! Thank you!
  15. It’s always Finals day when I truly realize how little I really care how the corps finish. Many of the show that have left lifelong impressions on me are not champions. Among them are 1989 Phantom Regiment, 1991 SCV, 2003 Phantom Regiment, 2006 Bluecoats, 2006 Carolina Crown, 2007 Phantom Regiment, 2008, 2009 Blue Stars, 2014 Bluecoats. There are many more. Good luck to all corps tonight!
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