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  1. Correct I didn't phrase it right, I should have just said "Stop with the BS lies that they ONLY come in 7th"
  2. Too bad its the first time an international corps placed 7th, but facts have never been important for your conspiracy theories.
  3. Happy New Year DC Friends. The Pequa Redmen are organizing a reunion for early October. If you have interest, or know anyone that marched at one time with this group from Massapequa, New York, please send an email to PequaRedmen@gmail.com Thanks
  4. That's why it's called opinion. Jeff posted his opinion from what he saw, not from who told him to think that way.
  5. So transparent that you've hated the Cabs for 25 years or so. Time to get over it already. You don't have to like every corps, but the constant remarks towards one corps is silly now - the 70's, 80's and 90's have been over for quite a while. Welcome to 2014
  6. With all due respect.....STOP the nonsense, now we are bringing up bus rides and shortened practice time? What about the weekends Bucs don't do shows and Cabs are? Again, respectfully, but that's nuts!
  7. Phantom Vanguard will sweep all captions You read it here first!
  8. Ok Ok - we all know how words can get twisted, and people can read something, read into it and fly with it unnecessarily, hence their director asked me to post a response on their behalf - that's all.
  9. On behalf of the Westchester Brassmen, they were not "no shows" Per their director Joe Mazzullo The Westchester Brassmen Drum Corps would have loved to perform at the Bridgeport, CT. Barnumfest as we have enjoyed doing it so much in the past. The Brassmen wanted to donate their attendance of the show to the Barnumfest, but due to later notification than usual and some scheduling issues we could not perform at the show this year. We did however march in the scheduled parade and entertained all whom were watching - thank you to all our fans and supporters.
  10. Now this is a refreshing admission, previously people would "hear" things and swear to it as gospel because their neighbors have an uncle and his nephew is dating a girl that's mother knits with someone that overhead at the beauty parlor that Corps X................. Good Luck to everyone - enjoy yourselves, those are always the most enjoyable shows, when the members are having fun with what they do and........ LETS GO HAWTHORNE.................
  11. What are you talking about? Rochester broke my heart.......................oh wait, that wasn't the Police............. It was a horse of another color - JUST FRIGGEN KIDDING - I get jokes!!!!
  12. So let me get this straight, you say people calling you on the carpet over something so juvenile, and they wouldn't believe you, yet you claim (see below), then admit you've never been to Wildwood. So what shows have YOU seen, first hand, early on to back up your words below? Go ahead, I'll wait. Signed, Someone who actually marched in a corps that played Malaguena Even corps like Empire, Cabs and Bucs have a hard time getting peeps off their duffs for anything more than the golf clap or maybe some woo hoos during impact points of the show.
  13. That doesn't even make any sense. Just wondering because for quite some time you seem to respond to many posts pontificating as all knowing, so I figured you must be on staff with DCA or a corps, I mean otherwise how could you know else could you know everything about everything?
  14. Curious - did I miss a memo, hope I didn't miss an opportunity to offer Congratulations. Are you an officer of DCA now or a corps director?
  15. Only this is a privately owned and run site
  16. Don't make this about "the other corps", in other words, yes, completely dismiss their contributions. The key word you used is "risk" I do not disagree that provisions should be made in the future, and I hope at the next Congress they are made, but until then, you can't or shouldn't go changing policy on the fly for one organization over another because they spent the most and traveled the furthest. There is no reason to change the "east coast circuit" mentality at the cost of the any corps in the circuit, be it a corps from the East Coast or somewhere else. They are not the enemy.
  17. Coming from you, that's funny, but in this case, you are probably right.........
  18. Domincardona is right - no good can come of me pointing out someone else's comments that were off, they shall speak for themselves. However please understand my initial comment was in no way meant to disrespect C2.
  19. Relax there buddy, I meant NO disrespect towards Heartliners, and if something could have been done that great, but not at the expense of others that worked hard all summer too - that's my point. How are you experts doing these days, the ones that you trust in when you told me to COUNT ON IT, you know when you guaranteed that C2 would be passing Cabs and leaving them in the dust.................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Nothing better then people pontificating on something they know nothing about, but on what they heard at the watercooler. I'm NOT freaking kidding you.
  20. In the process you completely dismiss the other corps that believe in DCA. They worked just as hard.
  21. I "heard" he lives in the same DCP retirement community as Connie Breen, any truth to that? :tongue:/>