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  1. These were the moments that made me glad I attended finals that year. 1) PR 06 - Ave Maria 2) SCV 00 - Adagio for Strings & the final backfield chords of the closer 3) PR 03 - Canon Reprise 4) PR 93 - The Fire of Eternal Glory 5) Cadets 01 - Moondance & Vide Cor Meum 6) Cavies 92 - Peterloo Overture Honorable Mention SCV 99 - Opener Crown 05 - end of Opener (the hints of 'A Mighty Fortress...) Bluecoats 06 - the ballad (DVD not so much, U had to hear this one live to appreciate it!!) Crown 00 - the ballad from Mask of Zoro
  2. Matt Harloff - Star of Indiana 1993 I think he works with Avon HS in BOA and of course Crown!
  3. Only 3?? 1) Cavies 00, 02, 04 too many brilliant moments to name 2) SCV 2001 Very last set. Guard in a circle, everyone else stretched diagonally across the field. 3) Cadets - To Tame the Perilous Skies - The Airplane Set 4) BD - 2003 - Opener - Folding and unfolding box
  4. GREAT TEASER!! For a moment I had a flashback to '99, which is a very good thing. The music seems accessible and I love the drill. GO SCV!!! I am a fan, AGAIN. :)
  5. To Everyone: Thanks for the warm reception.
  6. Thanks Jeff for the invite. I might make the trip to Austin for the Preview. The APD's are great but I am chomping at the bit for some live drum corps.
  7. Hello DCP, My name is John from Dallas, TX (GO MAVS!!) :( . I have been a big Drum Corps fan since 1987. Appalachian Springs and The Nutcracker Suite rocked my world and I have been hooked ever since. I have played the trumpet and piano for about 25 years. Unfortunately, I have no Drum Corps experience. I ran track throughout high school and college, therefore my summers were spent training and competing. I have known about DCP for a while, but never had the time to join in the fun until recently. I have plans to attend the Denton, Dallas and San Antonio shows. I'm looking forward to a great summer of drum corps competition and spirited DCP discussion. -John