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  1. I was watchin hannibal the other day and when the opera scene came to mind i couldnt help but wondering how amazing this would sound on the field. the opera in the movie is absolutely breathtaking. here is a youtube clip to check it out. so first off what do you guys think about this music...and second do you think it could work on the field. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83PDO_iLn_E...ted&search= it is called "vide cor meum" by patrick cassiday.
  2. and i would submit one entitled "vkeson is heartless" those people defend you....why should they have to miss out on something great.
  3. all these kids are whiners...during wrestling season we crank up the heat in the wrestling room to 110 and the humidity is ridiculous..and we wrestle is sweats....anything outside in shorts is weak sauce.. hahah obviously joking well about the whining part lol
  4. i hate to be impatient but ...reviews anyone??
  5. i would agree with that... from what i have heard the judge got the spread between bd/cavs right but i think kthey should be much farther ahead of the other corps that you mentioned.
  6. i dont know if there has already been a discussion on this..but i just looked at the dci website and the score was changed from 86.08 to 86.075 and the other set of percussion scores were added because there were two percussion judges at the show.
  7. good call. the only thing that can be concluded is that bd were better than cavies TONIGHT and BC were better than phantom TONIGHT.....
  8. after looking at the recap..i can basically conclude nothing about this show. this is perhaps the most confusing recap i have ever seen... <**> :(
  9. if they want to include a rap song into the radio section i think they should change it from "my humps" to the old trick daddy song called "shut up" it would be a chance for a sick ### contra feature....university of oregon did it at one of their football games and it was friggin awesome...
  10. ya i totally get you but the funny thing was...steph was dying to get back to the corps...it was the other kids who had been there the whole time.