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  1. Wow! Still bitter about nobody wanting to be your seat partner all tour? Get a clue!
  2. I gotta say that I've been underwhelmed with Flo, watching everything on the other side of the world (down-under) thru a VPN and ADSL feeding into a cheap wireless router. Had a lot of buffer and pixelating thru prelims & semi finals. Today I took some DCP'ers advice and directly connected via Ethernet from my modem. Problem solved! Not one buffer or video issue all day! ...FYI, just in case Flo returns next year.
  3. I thought that BAC's 'triple-entendre', "The Core of Temptation", was a really clever title for their 2009 show. Still one of my favourite BAC shows, as well.
  4. I can't help but think that Brandt Crocker is going to need some help to pronounce the show title this year.
  5. Ummm ... my math works this way 35-(2015-2001) = 21
  6. I'm also curious what is believed needs to be improved in the brass arrangement - I've enjoyed Ryan George's music over the past few years - it seems to fit the BAC style. Also, I seem to remember only positive comments about BAC's music this year. The only negative comments (besides those from the anti-vocal, anti-synth clans) seemed to be focused on the visual and show design this year. Although it took a while to hit its stride, I thought this year's show design was pretty spectacular during the championships, and fitting of a 75th anniversary extravaganza. Maybe, it could have spread
  7. Free: One, 12 foot pole on wheels with blue banner. Warning - occasionally uncooperative and unwilling to change. You can pick it up in the parking lot of Lucas Oil Stadium.
  8. Was it the same one, right front, 2nd from left? That one has been a problem in a few shows.
  9. The elephant in the room .... 1 week to Indy Currently in 12th position 9-11 are 3 pts away 13-15 are within 0.5 pt Top10 finalist for the last 16 years 75th anniversary "spotlight" blazing BOD and alumni with great expectations ... semifinals will be one intense evening in the BAC household!
  10. Prop error. Supposed to represent House Waldo taking over the other houses. But it seems that there is a rebel in the other houses .... yeah ... that's the ticket ... rebels, but they too eventually succomb to the power of House Waldo. NO it's not a mistake - it's part of the story.
  11. Props to Dan Potter as emcee. He's so smooth & comfortable with everyone. Good fill between corps.
  12. "... surged ..." :-). Only 11 pts behind the 'coats. Still early in the season. Set the bar high.