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    1963-65 Shawnee Indians,1964 Townsmen,1966 Cataract Cavaliers,1967-71 Mighty St.Joe's,1973-74 Rochester Crusaders,1975-76 Rochester Phoenix,2007 River City Regiment
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    rochester phoenix
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    1966 chicago cavaliers,1967 boston crusaders,1968 Mighty St. Joes,1972Anaheim Kingsmen,1968 chicago royalairs,1974santa clara vangaurds,1975-76 rochester phoenix
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    drumming,,,just enjoying life ,,,,,and women!!!ooh la la

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  1. could I have the seat and section numbers please, very interested. Doug Beecher
  2. zarblap


    could really use a ride water front show and return back,,have my ticket,I,ll buy the gas and even feed you,thanks Doug Beecher
  3. there's a recording of Phoenix at RCA on the CD sold by Bobby Pero.
  4. I think the 1st hornline 60 or more was the Canadian Commanders,,,63 or 64
  5. congrats to star,, but it shows the major flaw in today's opinionated judging ,,we need what we've never had in all the years,,ticks,,difficulty,,nothing else...screwed up after all these years STILL all the GE,, dig to star they are truly great and deserving,, as always
  6. Could you please tell me where the corps will be on Friday daytime in Rochester DCA weekend, have a few friends I'd like to say hello to,and catch practice,,thanks,doug beecher
  7. from311; Do You Right,,,and Beyond The Gray Sky old school; Hall of the Mountain King
  8. thanks for putting in Phoenix,(skylinersop)...the best year of my drum corps life,,and one the best years overall as I look back
  9. 1975 Rochester Phoenix,,the most memorable and best year I've had in my life
  10. How many snares do you have at the moment?,,,,and how intense will the drill be for them?...getting the itch and ready to do something this summer other than fry in 110 sunlight in Arizona for another summer., can play ,but I'm sure about doing M&M anymore.. Next day.. I took a nice long walk to see how I am,I think marching would be a little to much at my age and the shape I'm in,still am planning to hopefully come to NY/PA, but can't get out of here till the middle of June kind of late to jump in anyway,hope you have a great first season , and I'll see you preform at least if all goes
  11. old school, Conquest,,,Hall of the Mountain king,,,for color pre,,American Salute, Battle Hymn
  12. First thing I thought of too!!!,we're still sick puppies after all these years...Beecher in sunny AZ
  13. hey Peashey, being a snare my horn knowledge is limited, but we all had whaley's back then and the wannabees on soprano were playing Rudy Muck 10-12C's , how are you? , Doug Beecher
  14. you people are getting silly ..when I was in st. joes a few of the horn guys had 2 imaginary corps ///show cadets and winnapeg lugnuts they had a drill and endless fanfares donny allen would know all about it
  15. I came down there with Storky once in a while when did the drumline,,great bunch of people and good times!