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  1. This is just the beginning. Percussion will be fine all season, its when the other issues get addressed and fine tuned then the Cadets will get the numbers the battery is getting. Someone said "trust the process". . .I absolutely agree with that statement. Mark my word, come Denver the Cadets will establish themselves as a drum corps with a purpose--to compete! Go Cadets go!!!
  2. Diamante for sure had one of the most powerful moving performances at WGI championships in Dayton but I think far too many people are putting too much on what the Cadets will and won't do. I hate using this phrase but I'm going to say it anyway. . ."trust me" Cadets will establish themselves as a good drum corps before we hit Denver. Let's face it folks this is going to be a good summer of drum corps from top to bottom. Irving Fan of the Arts
  3. Love the positive comment. Its' been a week now and everyone including the Cadets design team knows what's working and what's not. All I would like is a season of not catching up because of constant visual changes. Let's correct quickly and in good Cadet fashion clean the snot out of the show. COLORGUARD take a deep breath--now perform your butts off and sell this show BEHOLD. There are many fans out there who want to see the Cadets do well and I am at the top of that list. I will be very vocal when I come on tour in Allentown. Cadets always get pumped to perform in front of their fan b
  4. See you next week Terri. Irving Fan of the Arts
  5. Let's not play on semantics George. Why did you chose not to state the real reason instead of "the excuse" being given if you knew? Someone even stated if what I said was the truth its not like you to not be forth coming. Once again I allow myself to get pulled into a discussion that doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I can't wait to get on tour with the Cadets so I can shut DCP down for the summer. Irving Fan of the Arts
  6. As a fan and a volunteer who tours with the Cadets for many summers, I have had the opportunity to disclose a lot of information but always felt it was inappropriate of me and I always left those types of disclosures up to the Cadet organization. All this stuff coming out now is known information a lot of people didn't know and look at the fallout now. That's why my motto when I'm on tour has always been and still remains "it is all about the kids". Focus on them and give them a chance to compete and make their alumns proud! Go Cadets go!! Irving Fan of the Arts
  7. Maybe that's a question you should ask George. I tried to get him to disclose that information but he chose to say the Cadets were behind because of inclement weather and an undersized Fieldhouse. That information does no one any good now. The path is in front of us and these Cadets deserve the opportunity to compete. I am 150% behind Scott Litzenburg and I trust this design team has what's necessary to make the adjustments. Come on Cadets!! Irving Fan of the Arts
  8. I thought Boston was on fire last night and I was surprised to see just how close the Cadets were to them. Clean, clean, clean without major rewrites is the name of the game. I'm still hoping for a great summer for the Cadets. Irving Fan of the Arts
  9. Thank you! I think the adjudicating community sent the Cadets a strong message. There definitely are some things that need to be cleared up and cleaned up but after viewing the scores I'd say that wasn't too bad. I try to stay away from DCP because I always feel like I'm defending Cadets and this goes back as far as the RAMD days. If there is something negative I would say about last night's performance it would be with the weapons. . .you know how I am; CATCH your tosses!!! I'm on tour starting in Allentown so I get a front row seat every day, every show, the whole summer. I still belie
  10. Instagram is the most used social media platform next to Facebook. Just ask our performers. Irving Fan of the Arts
  11. Oh there is a Fieldhouse on campus. And I'm sure there is a story behind the story; let's not forget this is DCP. I'll give you accurate information through my blog while on the road with the Cadets if you get a chance to read it. I may use Instagram on this tour. Irving Fan of the Arts
  12. Is there another reason they are far behind? Is there something you're not telling us? With the use of a Fieldhouse I don't see inclement weather as a reason of being behind. Irving Fan of the Arts
  13. Again my apologies. I'm on tour with Cadets starting in Allentown to the end. I agree with you on Cadets can focus on cleaning this year instead of questionable design. While on tour I do a daily blog that gives the Cadet fans some incite to what's going on. I try to keep it real without telling you something Scott Litzenburg would announce. I'm very excited about the summer. Irving Fan of the Arts
  14. Didn't you just say you weren't there? Then you go on to comment as if you were there. Let's see where it all stands after the first week of competition. I can't speak for Carolina Crown because I haven't seen anything of Crown but Cadets have a good product on the field. Dirty yes, prepared yes, can they clean it, yes. This is a much more experienced design team this year and they will not spend the summer playing catch up. OK, sorry Tommeee. I misread your post. I'm in my protect the Cadets flaming mode :) Irving Fan of the Arts