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  1. We're gonna top 600 tonight! :) Here they come!!!
  2. I'm with ya! ^OO^ 100%. If you are in a leadership role, you should act like a leader. Well said, Piper!
  3. I second that! Several calls home from the "kid" about it this year. The staff should set the example. "Practice what they preach" if you will. Alcohol should be banned, period! Most of the kids are under-age anyway, so why even have it around? Just my 2 cents.
  4. Gotta be. . . . . .and it is! Cadets Score is 91.1
  5. "Live from the 50......Oh WOW......that makes you the "Big Cheese", "Top Dog", "Main Man"....."
  6. I wish the judges would wake up and see how much Spirit has improved, and what a great show they have! If they could get the recognition they deserve, I feel they could easily move up a spot. HEY, Judges. . . WAKE UP!!!
  7. This is a scary thing but I've heard it happens Riding down the road, looking out the window. . . . . . only to see a big tire going by. Then a few minutes later. . . a second one! Boy the screams and laughter made several pee their pants. But it was the most memorable events of the tour. Scared the crap out of us! (Good thing buses have more tires than most vehicles.)
  8. Woah... the scores are sooo close it's eeerrriieee! Good job! This formula is very close.
  9. Just wanted to find out if I could! I can...I can...I can!