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  1. Not only will VK be on the field this year, but they will be kicking serious booty! I am very, very excited to see them this summer!!
  2. I am in complete agreement, but where should the line be drawn? Should a corps be allowed to only have 2 people on it's Board of Directors? How long should a corps be "allowed to exist" if they continually fail to field a corps? I know this is more of a hypothetical question, but interested in hearing ya'lls thoughts.
  3. Hi, although I am disappointed by the recent story about Northern Lights, I am not terribly shocked. I can think of several D&BCs that continue to raise money althought they do not field a corps. I am not talking about corps that take one year off, but corps who repeatedly fail to produce a unit. To highlight this, I want to point out Mairon Glory Cadets. MGC had not fielded a corps in 2 years (maybe 3 years), but they continue to raise money to fund a corps. The Executive Director of MGC continues to get paid, although the organization fails to meet it's mission. A quick review of MGC's IRS filing shows that there are only 2 people on the MGC Board of Directors, one of which, is the ED. All of this is public record, available on (In fact, if you have ever wanted to know what the financial state of a specific corps is, I highly recommend you go to guidestar and check them out - there is a TON of good info there) I say all of this not to bash a corps, but to show how stories like Northern Lights can happen.
  4. here is an idea that i think will appease everyone: during the ballad the baton twirler(s) can pass out chocolate ice creme cones to the audience. yum.
  5. I said it before and I will say it again.... If you do not like this show, you must be a fan of suckiness. PR 2006 was one of the best shows (entire package) to ever hit the field.
  6. Just to clarify because I received a really nasty private message, I love baton twirling. I twirled as a kid. I just was bored and wanted to have fun. Has any Corps ever used a baton twirler in their show? I think it could have worked really well for The Cadets show of (95? 96?) where they did the Americana show - you know, the one that was post WW2.
  7. I think EVERY corps in DCA should be required to have at least one feature twirler in their corps. I think that in order for the activity to continue and grow, we need batons. Baton twirling is the key to all growth. If you don't agree with me, I will throw my baton at you. How do others feel? ps - I think evil is sexy! ^0^\ pss - Boredom manifests itself in very interesting ways
  8. How can anyone hate Phantom 06? I think the only way someone could hate Faust was if they were a fan of suckiness, because that show is so good I almost creamed my pants when I saw it. ^0^
  9. It is has been happening slowly over time, but I feel the big story in post-finals 2006 is the delocalication of Drum Corps. With a number of Corps relocating and almost every Corps having multiple audition sites, I think it is very clear that very, very few Corps have a majority of members from the communities in which they are based. I don't think this is a bad thing, just a realization.
  10. Here are my four proposals I would like to see adopted: 1. Every Corps must field a majorette/twirling line/featured twirler 2. Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap must be used in every show (Oh, wait...) 3. A Slip-and-Slide must be used in the last half of every show (no penalty for water use) 4. In addittion to standard scores, a new caption will be included: Smell. Corps will be strongly encouraged to use new and unique smells in the design and performance of their shows. Fruity and musk smells will be give a 0.00054 bonus. I hope my ideas get approved!! ^0^
  11. Havent heard anything about the Marion Cadets camp. Anyone have any numbers? Will they field or will they pull out in the spring, as they have done before?
  12. Everyone should play dressup, regardless of age.