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  1. I'm thoroughly impressed with the Scouts this year. I love everything about it. Good luck tonight!! GO SCOUTS!!!
  2. I see they're looking for lead trumpets again. Unfortunate when there is a double G like in the third bar. I'm very excited about the show announcement!! Can't wait!!
  3. No problem, I'll dig around and see if I can find it.
  4. Were Moore and Bedis there together then?
  5. Jeff Moore marched SCV I believe, and came to the Scouts after CT left - early 90's
  6. I never thought I'd see the day when the Bluecoats, Spirit, Glassman, Troopers etc.... would even beat the Scouts, but they did. I've been friends with Gregg Auby for over 20 years and I've messaged him numerous times about numerous things. Getting the Scouts back to being not just competitive, but highly competitive is the goal 100%, and I'm happy about that. It'd never be as quick as everyone would like, but I feel much better about this staff change than the previous one. Hopefully we'll get some consistency, and continuity in the staff.
  7. 2000 Cadets were great period. Actually the whole top 12 in 2000 were pretty enjoyable.
  8. It certainly is the reality of the situation. I remember calling my brother in '01 when they finished 11th. We were utter shock. The thought of the Scouts not being in the top 6 was inconceivable. Then we chose to go to quarter finals in 2002 to make sure we saw the Scouts. 2003-06 were trying to find a brand in my opinion. Keep the Scouts history but place higher. Below par in my opinion in design expect for 05 in my opinion. The bottom dropped out in 07, and it's been a struggle to fight their way back since 05. I never ever ever thought that it would be this hard of a struggle. I never thought I'd see the day when the Scouts would be offering a reduced rate for someone that could throw down some double G's, but I guess it is what it is. I'm happy with the staff changes this year. I hope we don't have to hear Malaga or Malequena again to tell us that they're still the Scouts. I'd like a show announcement soon. I'd love a great show design. I thought a Kenton/Ellis show would be great. I want my favorite corps back. I want some cool grooves from the drum line, and a powerful horn line and some screaming soloists, and a return to the top six. Too much to ask?? Who knows. I was part of the hype in 07-09 here, and I'm ever hopefull now. Sorry for the length.... Rant over
  9. I wasn't banned, but had some posts deleted last year. Unfortunate, but it's their page. I offered my opinion, they didn't like it so they deleted it. Oh well
  10. I look at Bluecoats from last year as something to strive for. They had 1 top 5 finish in their history before last year I believe. They probably average right around a 7th place finish in the last 15 years or so. BUT.... With a great visual AND get musical book, they get 2nd place. It can be done....
  11. According to PR's facebook page - the Scouts got a "HUGE" ovation from the crowd.
  12. Looks like the Scouts have added the white neck/bandana type thing for finals. Looks awesome. Congrats on a great show/season. GO SCOUTS!!!
  13. Worse - by far. Anyone familiar with Scouts '82/'85/'89 and Garfield '87, compared to Scouts 10, SCV '09 should notice a quite a substantial difference in overall sound. To me it's 2nd rate, cheap, the easy way out. Just let the horns play. Amplification is not needed at all IMO.