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  1. You're right about the Bluecoats this year, and there are many other corps who are doing similar things to Crown as well. Just because they're doing stuff I don't like doesn't mean I'll ever stop being a fan. All the corps, including Crown, have great moments in their shows...which makes the synthesized stuff even more distracting. You're also correct in that corps have done goofy stuff going all the way back to the 70's and 80's. However, Crown has taken it to a whole new level and just happens to be leading the way right now.
  2. A couple quick follow up comments: -Obviously, I don't claim to speak for everyone. These are my opinions and nothing more. No one should have to qualify every statement they make with pointing that out. Yes, it's blunt and meant to incite conversation. No one need to get indignant or offended here. -We all know Crown is is good...I'm speaking purely from a production standpoint. -Everything I've listed in my original post is stuff I've seen in shows this year and last year. I'm not using hyperbole.
  3. For the last few years, I've been extremely disappointed in the direction DCI is going in terms of show production and artistry. It started in 2004 when they allowed electronics. We were told it would help us hear the pit and could be used in tasteful ways to enhance the show. Those of us who knew it would be abused also knew that that was a specious argument. No one ever had problems hearing the pit. So here we are a decade later and what we are seeing on the field is not drum corps in my opinion. What we now have is Cirque du Soleil meets interpretive dancing at its worst. In my opini
  4. Very surprised to see everyone's thoughts on the Cavaliers thus far. I realize there is no right answer to this question...but let's be honest...Cavaliers 05 & 07-13 is not even in the same pantheon as 00-04, 06. Not even close. Someone please back me up on this, there's just no way I'm in the minority here! My Cavaliers ranking: 1) 2002 Frameworks 2) 2003 Spin Cycle 3) 2004 007 4) 2000 Niagra Falls 5) 2001 Four Corners 6) 2006 Machine Everything else up to this year has been a let down for me, considering where the Cavaliers once were. Just my personal opinion so no one get to
  5. Excellent replies from everyone! Just a couple things to follow up on my original post... 1) I realize that the previous generation always craps on the younger and current generation, that's always going to exist. Someone metioned earlier that it is worth looking at who is actually to blame for perpetuating some of this nonsense. The show designers, music arrangers, judges, board members, aka: the "good idea fairies".....Dare I say, the previous generation??!! Can't prove it, but an interesting point nonetheless. 2) I also recall there being some serious discussion (in my day) of allow
  6. Alright, folks...let me start by saying I have been somewhat out of the loop with DCI over the last decade for various reasons. The last year I marched and followed DCI closely was 2003, but from time to time I catch a youtube video of a show and I am amazed at how much things have changed...some for better, some for worse. This is going to sound like a long-winded rant from an old-timer (although I'm really not that old) but I honestly want some thoughtful feedback on whether you agree or disagree. My contention is that while DCI has never been full of so much raw talent and passion, I f
  7. I'm aware of the skill it takes to truly play a dissonant chord in tune. My main point is that it would not kill some of these corps to play a song with a melody once and a while. Sometimes I think corps these days are SO focused on technique that they forget that most people just want to hear something that is recognizable and audience accessible. Sure, you can spend all day referencing various performances from the past that disprove my point...but by and large I think most people would rather see a show that is somewhat familiar and memorable.
  8. Triple Forte- I get where you're coming from. I can pretty much guarantee you that drum corps composers use dissonant chords to cover up tuning issues and bad musicianship in general. I think this trend really picked up around '07 and has only gotten worse. Frankly, I'm sick of it and can barely stand to watch drum corps shows these days. I've always been a music first guy myself and a traditionalist overall. There is so much great music out there that hasn't even been touched in the past that has the potential to make great drum corps shows, but year after year every show sounds basicall
  9. And why do you think everyone liked the Crown's show about horses? If I remember correctly, the high point of their show was when they played the William Tell Overture (audience accessible music). So thanks for further proving my point. And yes, I know there were also props in that show...they didn't need them. Just like you thought I was too extreme by saying 2008 is "the worst year ever", I think you went to another extreme to suggest that I think all corps should play Sousa marches. There is so much great music out there that has never been used by DCI. In fact, I think it is MORE inno
  10. Thank you to everyone who made thoughtful replies. To everyone else: I can think of smart-### comments on my own. I'm looking for real input here. To respond to some good points that were brought up: -I believe that to a certain degree show designers have forgotten that the main purpose of drum corps is to entertain, not to necessarily to win. Drum corps has become more of a competitive sport in recent years (and there's nothing wrong with that) but I think at the end of the day, most people just want to go to a show and be able to hear some great music. They don't necessarily care who
  11. just to reiterate, I'm NOT talking about talent or quality of the corps themselves, just show design in general. Thank you for the comments though...
  12. Is it just me or has the quality of DCI declined significantly in the past two years? To me it doesn't seem to be the level of talent among the members of the corps that is lacking, but in the the designs of the shows themselves. It is especially apparent this year in the top 6 or 7 corps (Cavaliers, Blue Devils, Cadets, etc...). The narration in the Cadets' show is an unmitigated disaster, the level of sophistication in the BD and Cavalier shows is that of a high school marching band. The only two shows I saw with any sort of potential were SCV and Bluecoats, but even their shows have sig
  13. Here's some of my thoughts on the the evening show (from what I remember). I saw and heard a lot of things that I totally didn't expect after reading these reviews all summer.... Vanguard- still not back to where they were pre-04, but they are significantly better than last year and if they continue to improve at this rate over the next couple years they will get back to where they want to be. Don't remember a whole lot about the show, but the crowd seemed to dig it. Not a very memorable show in my opinion, but whatever, it's been great to see them improve these last couple years. Keep i