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  1. Last decade plus another 3 🙂 I LOVE each of these shows except for two. 2005 and 2018. Only two in 40 years that didn't quite connect for me. 2010s: 1. 2014 2. 2019 3. 2010 (!!) 4. 2017 5. 2015 6. 2012 7. 2016 8. 2011 9. 2013 10. 2018 2000s: 1. 2003 2. 2009 3. 2007 4. 2004 5. 2001 6. 2006 7. 2000 8. 2008 (robbed) . 🙂 9. 2002 10. 2005 1990s: 1. 1990 (!!!) 2. 1994 3. 1997 4. 1996 5. 1999 6. 1991 (!!) 7. 1992 8. 1993 9. 1998 10. 1995 1980s: 1. 1982 (!!) 2. 1986 3. 1984 (.1 away....) 4. 1980 5. 1985 6. 1988 (robbed) 🙂 7. 1983 8. 1987 9. 1981 10. 1989
  2. "Drum line needs a total overhaul and needs to contribute"???!?!?! You mean that 3rd place drumline?? What a silly statement. Insults the wonderful talent and performance of this group. Bluecoats need to keep doing what they are doing. Not emulate the Blue Devils. I was at Finals in 2016. As a BD homer, I knew Bloo had it, all three nights. Stay on the path you're on!
  3. Of course! Some apparently more than others. That's why spreads change ... and even "flip" in captions over the course of the season.
  4. Well when you put it THAT way ..... 😂 What's more impressive to me: Of those 29 "losses", 19 were medalists (2 or 3), 10 were silver medalists.
  5. For me, a highlight of the season is reading your review day after Finals. You’re the best reviewer in the business 😉 Thank you
  6. And ... BD improved significantly since Atlanta. Cleaned their movement. Refined their ensemble sets and structure. Added visual “accents”/feature to the show. Guard cleans/adds. Chumley noticed, and judged that growth vs BC and others accordingly. Why else would he “flip” from July 20-something until now? Historical data is certainly relevant. But the farther back you go in history (in this case a season) the less reliable you get. Corps’ performance level and show growth/moves/adds/changes factor in. Here’s the thing ... you mentioned being off by 1 point is impressive given your model was 99% accurate. But your same data will tell you that BD and BC were within .5 or less .... and .2x or less in the final few weeks... all season. So calling a 1 point gap for Finals, statistically, is waaaay off.
  7. And let’s bring Finals back to California to kick off the popularity score caption! 🤔
  8. I get it ... but isn’t part of the story tonight that BD closed the GE gap with BC over the past two weeks?
  9. The other 3 GE judges agreed that BD had closed the gap on GE ...
  10. So where does the kids’ achievement and performance level come into play? BD showed major improvement all season. I saw them early on in CA. SCV was clearly better. Interesting note — for that 7/22 — both GE judges “flipped”: Stone in Finals and Dillon in Semis. 🤔
  11. I was being ... polite. I had enough of the “panel is stacked for Bluecoats ... Bluecoats are going to win going away”. Come on. It was going to be super close. And BD on finals night = clutch.
  12. And .... who brings the best, cleanest performance on Finals night ... maybe just a bit ...
  13. How could that be??? When was the last head-to-head Chumley score?
  14. Gotta say it. Data analytics can give you good historical trends, but misses the huge X factor of how a show grows and performance sharpens. And right brain visceral reaction. When did Stone last score both in GE head to head? Recently? I could be wrong, but I think awhile ago Congratulations to the Blue Devils! #19! Amazing show, and tremendous growth and improvement throughout the summer. And they marched their tails off. Congratulations to the Bluecoats on what is clearly a championship caliber show. BD was just too clean on the final night
  15. What exactly is the past score history approach? I'd argue you need to look at a finals judge, judging the caption he/she is covering on Finals night, judging BD and BC head to head. And .. I'd argue in the past three weeks. Anything earlier? hmmmm If the "past score history approach" is judges scores outside of head to head matchups ... well ... there are plenty of lectures on this forum about assuming anything from comparing scores from separate shows. I didn't do an exhaustive search, but I can't find too many examples of head to head, same captions with Finals judges this season. GE judges? Stone had BC over BD by .1 .... three weeks ago. Jones had BC over BD by .1. Similar GE caption gaps tonight. Although an interesting one -- Dillon had BC over BD in GE recently .... and guess who he went for tonight? BD by .05. It all goes to say ... don't overthink or overanalyze panel "bias". Performance level matters bigtime. 2015 is a classic example, with a similar "panel stacked for Crown" proclamations. What a great season! Good luck to both "Blues"
  16. Bluecoats: Wow! Sleek and smooth. Classy, tasty jazz. Bird and Bela in B Flat ... awesome! Loved it when BD did it in 1991 (and the snippets in 2012) ... and love it now! Great, classy. smooth and sophisticated show. I can't wait until BD and SCV go up against them. Particularly SCV, who has a wonderful concept, huge energy and is performing the snot out of their show. Can never count BD out due to talent and pure execution down the stretch (think 2015...) but right now feels like SCV vs Bloo for the title with BD in a firm third. I missed Boston on the broadcast, but sounds like they are lighting it up! 4th? Crown: Ugh ... start with the good .. no one plays big major chords like em. Beautiful! BUT ... visually, a mess, starting with their uniforms and colors (no contrast between horns, guards, silks, etc.) . I thought Madison had the worst unis last year that I've ever seen in DCI. Crown exceeded them. Musically, I like them, but several flat zones in the show. That rocking beast thing? Pure cheese. Worse yet? The snarling and gnashing of teeth between sets by the members. Just doesn't work. And that ending with the horribly overacted/done snarly thing? ugh! The design just isn't there. Overdone and cheesy. Not how I think of Crown over the past few years (well ... up until end of opener (Giannni piece) last year)
  17. Top 5: 1. 1986 2. 1982 3. 1984 4. 1994 5. 2014 And the BD show I did NOT like: 2005
  18. Well ... funny you should say that. I was inspired by your stopwatch thing. I replayed the top 3 and timed how long BD, SCV and Crown each had their full brass line marching and playing (didn't count soloist or small SCV brass ensemble playing. I wouldn't have counted all of that singing, but for much of it, the brass line was indeed backing her up ... wouldn't call that so demanding .. but credit given). Also didn't count any body movement stuff made popular by ... Crown. The results? BD: 2:40 SCV 2:00 Crown: 3:15 I was actually surprised by how little all three brass lines marched traditionally while playing. Yet, all three were outstanding shows with TONS of movement. Just not that marching and playing variety by any of them. The result? A lot of great movement, and a lot of amazing sound. Works for me!
  19. Everything Must Change, to me, captured everything that is Blue Devils.
  20. DrumManTx: Best DCP Forums has to offer. Thank you for the awesome recap!!!!
  21. What a wonderful weekend for SCV! An amazing, highly innovative show. And the alumni corps brought me to tears. And Vanguard Cadets! Congratulations for a wonderful season, including High guard (first time?), high percussion (again) and an inspiring performance.