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  1. This is very tough but my vote is Phantom 07 On Air !!!
  2. Phantom 04 - Apasionada 874 BAC 06 - Cathedrals of the Mind Crown 06 - Cadets 06 - Volume 2: Through the Looking Glass Glassmen 01 - Imago Crossmen 04 - UNITY Bluecoats 05 - Caravan Star of Indiana 93 - Music of Barber and Bartok (Medea) Phantom 89 - New World Symphony Madison 04 - Madisonic Cavies 05 - My Kind of Town Crown 07 - Triple Crown SCV 06 - Moto Perpetuo SCV 03 - Pathways Cadets 04 - Living With the Past: Music of Jethro Tull SCV 05 - Russia: Revolution/Evolution: 1917-1991 Phantom 07 - On Air BD 01 - Awayday Blue BD 00 - Methods of Madness C
  3. In a way, but I was asking more of your opinion on the topic !!
  4. Yeah, I know that is right. . but don't count the old timers out just yet. within a year or two they will be allowed to use breathing machines!
  5. Yeah you nailed it and who knows, this may become the "great debate". I'm full of these ideas and at times they seem random and off the wall, just excuse me. BUT I have one more thought, WHAT IF DCI allowed the Alumni corps to compete with the junior corps? The age out rule will still apply for the junior corps, but in order for the alumni corps to compete with the junior corps they will have to be scored on the same criteria, but have to score over a certain limit to qualify for the junior corps competition. Do you think the CorpsVets can knock of The Madison Scouts? . . I don't know!!!
  6. Instead of having just the fan voting, DCI should've also judged the corps. I wonder how those World Class corps felt after these two shows; to bring the top eight corps together and have fans judge them!? I know the Blue Devils are flipping out right about now
  7. Hey that is completely different, I wouldn't be able to do that even if the competition had a variety of (shows?). Now what if for these yearly events, for the corps that out performed the rest, they received xxxxxx amount of money for members tuition!? It wouldn't be such a drag then, and I bet the semi finalist and quarter finalist would knock off the usual top 12 !!!
  8. Cavaliers all the way! If not the Cavies then the Cadets!
  9. Right, I see where you are all coming from. I wouldn't consider that a constraint, but more of a challenge to the corps to out perform the 12 other corps that are playing the same theme! I'm pretty sure we have witnessed multiple corps playing the same show during the same year and neither corps got the same results. I think it will be a challenge to the design teams and staff(s) to come up with the show that stands out from the others. Just think of it; Blue Devils, Phantom, and Cavaliers playing the same show, each of those corps has a different style; BD in your face, Cavies all over the p
  10. Even better, What if the fans got to vote on the musical theme for the year?
  11. OK What if DCI choose the theme of the corps shows for a year? What if there was a specific artist or genre of music that the corps had to choose from? For an example, say each corps had to create their repertoire based on the composer Aaron Copland, each corps would have to choose the pieces they want to play and piece them together. Another example, say the theme is a waltz or a march. each corps would then have to base the theme of their show from a waltz or a march. Would this bring the competitive side out more or would it just make things more hectic? Would it level the playing f
  12. Yeah I understand where DCI is going with the whole fan experience. Instead of texting and penciling in on a ballot DCI should try out the " Make the most noise technique", as much noise as the fans make during the shows it shouldn't be that hard to decide who had the best show of the night. There is less of a hassle and not all fans have cellular devices!!! I understand that DCI is experimenting with the fans, but lets not put the faith of the corps X R M IN DUSTRIES. infoin the hands of their fans.
  13. One of my favorite quotes of all time "you do it again and ill step on your throat!"
  14. Finally got my account back up and running! I'm very excited about this season and I look forward to debating with you all!