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  1. Glad To Be Hear

    Boston Crusaders 2010

    Is there anyone that knows the music in the latest Fan Network clip? The chords being played by the horns/low brass. It's a movie soundtrack I believe. Sorry to bug. This is driving me crazy...
  2. Glad To Be Hear

    Boston Crusaders 2010

    Regarding the current video post on the Fan Network, what is the lush, ballad section being played behind the trumpets. I'm drawing a blank. Thanks!
  3. Glad To Be Hear

    Just curious

    Used to be. When corps were more "regional" -- and there were more of them. Not so much anymore.
  4. I'm glad to see 1991 BD get so much love on here. I've stated before in other threads and I'll say it again. Best two hornlines I've ever heard: 1. 1991 Blue Devils 2. 1993 Blue Devils Try and get your hands on the Concord Pavilion recordings from those two years. Unbelievable.
  5. Glad To Be Hear

    How About Tweaking the Activity Name?

    Sorry. I don't get on here too often.
  6. Glad To Be Hear

    How About Tweaking the Activity Name?

    True. So maybe this discussion is long overdue?
  7. Glad To Be Hear

    How About Tweaking the Activity Name?

    Not technically. The name applies, in my opinion, if the group is playing drums and bugles. (I think bugles can have valves. Opinions will vary here, I'm sure.) Than maybe it all should be called Drum and Brass Corps?
  8. Since the hornlines no longer play bugles, wouldn't it make more sense to call it Drum and Brass Corps now? I think this is a more accurate description of what the activity has become. (Unless you prefer to use "bugle" in a nonliteral sense.) And the horn lines are no longer made up of sopranos and contras. They're called trumpets and tubas. As much as it hurts to say it -- that's what they are. In this sense -- in my opinion -- the activity changed in 2000. Of course, this doesn't apply to the DCA groups that actually use bugles. Those are Drum and Bugle Corps. Anyone else see it the same way? (Puts on flame suit...)
  9. Glad To Be Hear

    Favorite 10 Ballads

    Just a few that come to mind. In no particular order. Suncoast 1984 - Probably one of the most moving pieces I've ever seen/heard on a football field. Phantom 1993 - Fire of Eternal Glory. Very moving live. Garfield 1984 - West Side Story. Barbara Maroney. Cadets 2005 - Overture from Dancer in the Dark. Best part of the show IMHO. Blue Devils 1989 - Soloist has a bad night at Finals. But this thing was amazing during the season. Cadets 1993 - On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss. Cadets hornline turns the corner that year. Phantom 1994 - Clarie de Lune. Gorgeous. Cadets 1989 - Les Miserables. The corps is split into two groups and plays two ballads against each other. Crown 2009 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Somewhere from West Side Story woven together. Great arrangement and beautifully played. Star 1990 - Very short excerpt from Belshazzar's Feast. Thanks for letting me play.
  10. I really miss the old days of the DCP forums. (By that, I mean just a few years ago.) You used to be able to log on and get camps reports, see photos from camps, listen to clips, and sometimes even see videos. You could get the inside scoop into what was going on with each corps. Now, it's a re-hash of the same old discussions, useless polls, etc. Sorry to gripe, guys. There's really no point to this thread. I just wanted to vent a little. I guess I won't be back on here until the summer. Oh well. See you guys in a few months...
  11. Glad To Be Hear

    Colts; First March Camp Update

    You can say this about every drum corps...
  12. Glad To Be Hear

    What was the best all-around year of Drum Corps in the 90's?

    Everyone's making strong cases -- but I still have to go with 1990. A quick recap (in placement order) for you youngsters: 1. Cadets - Bernstein's Greatest Hits. What else can you say? (DCE/DCI East Champion) 2. Cavaliers - Church/Choral Music. The Gloria opener/hit was amazing live. (DCI Midwest Champion) 3. Star of Indiana - Belshazzar's Feast. One of my favorite drum corps shows of all time. (DCI Mid-America Champion) 4. Blue Devils - Tommy by The Who. A rock opera in your face, with some jazz on the side. (DCI Canada Champion) 5. Phantom Regiment - Organ Symphony/Bacchanale. An underrated Phantom show. (DC Midwest Champion) 6. Santa Clara Vanguard - Carmen. My last favorite SCV show until the 2000s. (DCI South Champion) 7. Crossmen - Baroque Samba/Caravan. Classic jazz tunes and the emergence of a great drumline. 8. Bluecoats - Duke Ellington. Great big band music played by a BIG, extended hornline. 9. Madison Scouts - Lemon Squeeze/I Can Cook Too. These guys were the ultimate showmen. 10. Velvet Knights - School's Out/Summertime. VK doing their schtick. Before it got old. 11. Spirit of Atlanta - Gone With the Wind/Color Purple. The corps returns to it's roots. 12. Dutch Boy - Frank Sinatra. A Vegas show on the field powered by a strong hornline and beautiful guard. If you haven't seen videos from this year, check it out! The ENTIRE top-12 arguably at the top of their game. Every corps has their own strong visual/musical personality -- doing their thing. A great year.
  13. Glad To Be Hear

    What was the best all-around year of Drum Corps in the 90's?

    If I remember correctly, in 1990 -- six regionals, six different champions. When was the last time the entire top six had a LEGITIMATE shot going into finals week.
  14. Glad To Be Hear

    What was the best all-around year of Drum Corps in the 90's?

    If you're taking the ENTIRE top 12 into account -- which I think you should -- then it's 1990. Hands down. Everyone, doing their thing, at (or near) the top of their game.
  15. Glad To Be Hear

    San Antonio Review

    Great insight on the design end of things. Best review I've read yet -- this year!