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  1. And crab cakes on the food truck, which will be parked in Fells Point.
  2. Insider info: The corps will be using Old Bay to break a major sensory boundary. it will be so real you'll be able to taste it....
  3. Anyone else remember Spaz and Ogre from Madison, 89/90? True contrabass characters.
  4. 1990 Phantom. We were crushing the midwest, with the highest scores in the country until DCM. Then, BOOM - Cavies.
  5. I don't see any breakout in their 2016 990 that breaks out income beyond events, USBANDS, program income and unrelated income.
  6. I think it's possible that the kids didn't take the covers off their sousaphones for the halftime, as they are supposed to. Formation changes led to the word being inadvertently spelled out. It's not 100% clear, but that's the impression I'm getting from the story I read this morning.
  7. I have pronated feet, and marched four years, back when the physical demand isn't what it is today. Even with good shoes, I ended up having a lot of problems by the end of my third year and almost couldn't march for finals. I was on a 8-ibuprofen a day habit. My recommendation is to get orthotic insoles as soon as you can. True customs from the doctor are uber pricey. Good Feet is OK for a couple hundred. The ones hanging on the shelf with the odor eaters won't get it done. However, I've found that the Dr. Scholl's custom fit, where you go to a Kiosk in a pharmacy and it measures your feet, work out really well for about $40. Buy two pairs, because they wear out in about 6 months - and daily marching will shorten that time.
  8. 1982 - Do I need to say the quote? 1987 - Great comeback, fun music 1988 - So....much....passion.... And a tremendous soli just before the last big hit 1989 - Because I was in it. And we should have won 1993 - The crab step. The Ginastera. 2008 - Do I need to say the quote?