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  1. OK, that made me happy. - My HS band director LOVED PR. We did the streamer thing at the end of our show in 1984 - How can you not love that Buick-led PR sound? You are not welcome in this country if you don't. - Flag exchanges! Bring them back! - It's good to see that missing every major visual hit on the video is a historical tradition. Let's watch a french horn march backward while he's tacit. Let's look at a bell. Let's not see company fronts and other major visual formations.
  2. If you wanted to write a show that defined the musical mythos of the Troopers, '83 is it. They also were invited to perform in exhibition before finals. So, they drove out to the beach, picked up the members and ran them into the show. Salty.
  3. You mean drum caption heads drinking beer in front of the line during warmups? Saw it. Or entire brass staffs drinking Old Style out of a cooler in the back of the caption head's Saab before the show? Saw it. Or drinking multiple beers on the staff bus after leaving the show site? Lived it. I'm actually glad that isn't the ways it's done any more.
  4. I didn't realize Gary had passed. I'm sad to hear it. A bunch of us 1988 Troopers at UW knew him when he was on BK's staff. We went to a halloween party at Lonnie Thompson's place in Greeley. This dude walks in wearing a BD uniform, with the leather hat. We chased him down in the kitchen and asked when he aged out. He said "86". We freaked (a number of us went back to '86) and we never left the kitchen. We'd see him at BK camps in Laramie and on tour, and always had a great time talking to him.
  5. AZ Marching Band season cancelled
  6. Colorado Bandmasters just cancelled their 2020 marching band season. That includes BK's Friendship Cup.
  7. Regarding repayment vs. grant of the PPP: The money will be converted to a grant as long as you do the following within the required timeframe: - Spend at least 60% on payroll - Be sure to carefully use any non-payroll funds on other expenses. For instance, rent. - Restore your full time equivalents to their pre-crisis levels. But rules are pretty generous on this in regards to how you count part-time employees The timeframe to use the funds is: - 24 weeks - for loans approved on/after June 5 - 8 or 24 weeks - for loans approved before June 5. At the option of the borrower If you don't meet all the foregiveness requirements, your forgiveness is reduced by some percentage, it's not all or nothing. For money you don't get forgiven, you have 2 year (prior to June 5) or 5 year (after June 5, or if you can get the lender to agree) payment plan at 1%. You can just give back the unforgiven amount at no penalty if you don't want the loan. There are also PPP rules you have to pay attention to if you also receive an EIDL SBA loan. If anyone wants to geek out on those, we can.
  8. I remember that from the Denver show. There were yellow, blue and red flaps, IIRC. Very cool concept, well done.
  9. Want to hear a clean hornline? Troopers '85. Want to see a clean rifle line? Troopers '85
  10. Partially hydrogenated oil sandwich made with butter flavored partially hydrogenated oil.
  11. A dixie cup of cereal, another dixie cup of milk, and a stale donut. Delicious, but probably not calorically sufficient.
  12. I remember a very short, very round priest was going to break ranks between us (contras) and the guard in the staging area. When my section leader stopped him, he was not happy. I'll never forget that very red face, and the Bahston accent: "Wheah's youah corpsah commandah! I wanna tahlk to youah corpsah commandah!" Good times.
  13. There were so many random things that day, I can't remember for sure. Really, the entire mood of the city was "impatient." My wife was the guard CO, and she vaguely remembers that there was an apology, and it may have been something to do with where someone(s) staged next to 27 during retreat or on the way into the show - basically a mistake rather than anything intentional.