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  1. Because the 2019 staff hasn’t fully been paid? Seems simple.
  2. Bluecoats spun curved blades this past summer. I don’ know what they were called but they seemed effective.
  3. This is pretty interesting https://bluecoats.com/news/2019/9/13/strategic-plan-2022
  4. Blue Knights Percussion https://ascendperformingarts.org/blue-knights-announce-percussion-leadership-for-2020-season/
  5. Bluecoats https://bluecoats.com/news/2019/9/5/staff-design-and-production-teams-gear-up-for-2020
  6. Blue Stars https://bluestars.org/latest-news/2019/9/3/2020-design-team-and-caption-heads
  7. Jon wrote the drill for C2 the final year and he re-wrote the closer (and possibly more) for Cadets this past summer.
  8. They’re going to be very strong on the brass and perc side. Just hope the new guard staff is a big enough upgrade.
  9. Yes, I don’t buy it at all. Why would any teacher share an account with former students???
  10. And don’t tell others at Basey’s late on Saturday night! That’s when I heard of the first few moves Cadets we’re making and definitely the quickest way to start spreading the news.
  11. I’m very excited for this brass team!
  12. When you're saying stuff like this about someone breaking ranks, then yes, it's Neanderthal. "Sometimes other things had to be done. "MAN" stuff"
  13. Because drumsticks aren’t big reflective pieces of metal.
  14. Or you know...you could have just gone around him but I’m sure elbowing a kid was the better option! Bring back the good old days!
  15. Wow, you must be proud for elbowing that kid for not moving away from a marching band!!
  16. Antiquated views of something that doesn’t fit the activity whether it be marching band or drum corps. Walking through the tunnels this year where all the corps were lined up for retreat is a great example. No one cares about “breaking ranks” and everyone just gets along and doesn’t feel a need to fight each other like people hanging onto a loose military tradition from the past. I marched in the 90’s when this was a huge deal and looking back at it, wow it was ridiculous. Who cares is right!
  17. Wow, who still really cares about breaking ranks? Give it up already. It’s not the military, it’s marching band .
  18. SCV should drop them too. They’re not noticed musically in DCI (or WGI) Unless it’s a feature.
  19. No disrespect to cymbal players and I love cymbal lines in WGI. I just don’t see a purpose in DCI. When you’re a visual designer trying to make sure your every detail is covered, having 5 individuals taking someone’s eye or focus in random parts of the field because of cymbal visuals just doesn’t make sense. It would be the same as if 5 euphonium players waved around their instruments 40% of the show. They make sense in WGI in a more intimidate setting although they don’t get much musical credit typically.
  20. Wow, Cadets are making some moves. I’ll leave the details for the other sites reporting but excited for the official announcements!
  21. Some of the names of who has taken over the visual design and visual caption side of Cadets are starting to leak out now. People that marched or were involved in the Cadets in the past.