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  1. 7 hours ago, kdaddy said:

    UPDATE: I'd say it's okay. Bocook is a huge plus. Not sure about the program design. And, while I admittedly don't follow the Cadets closely, I honestly don't know who Jon Bilby is.

    Jon wrote the drill for C2 the final year and he re-wrote the closer (and possibly more) for Cadets this past summer. 

  2. 16 minutes ago, Cappybara said:

    I didn't realize it's so difficult to simply create a new DCP account for yourself. Granted I haven't made one in quite a few years, has the process become extremely stringent and difficult or something? 

    I'm just trying to figure out why anyone would need to share a DCP account 

    Yes, I don’t buy it at all.  Why would any teacher share an account with former students???

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  3. 9 hours ago, Lead said:

    The only way to keep something "private" is to not tell anyone in the first place. Once you tell another soul, you have to know it's going to get out... and that was before the internet.


    People tell people because they want other people to know. Don't fault people for sharing... it's the original person's fault if they shared info.

    And don’t tell others at Basey’s late on Saturday night!  That’s when I heard of the first few moves Cadets we’re making and definitely the quickest way to start spreading the news. 

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  4. 1 minute ago, chadwick said:

    I have to disagree with you. Your idea that designers shouldn't focus on what 4-5 cymbal players do to create visuals should then just be applied to everything the rest of the battery does with the drum sticks.  Why not just let them play the music and not do all the other gestures they make with the drum sticks?  Cymbals create a lot of visual interest IMO. I'd rather see their action on the field versus more mallet players (I appreciate the front ensemble, don't get me wrong, I just think the size could be reduced so that a cymbal line on the field could be achieved).


    I also initially asked what year corps stopped having a cymbal line.  Can anyone provide this insight?  Would be real curious to see when the last year was for Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Cavaliers, etc... had a cymbal line. 

    Because drumsticks aren’t big reflective pieces of metal. 

  5. 26 minutes ago, BigW said:

    Okay, clown. He stood there deliberately not moving for over 30 seconds as we approached. he could have moved.. He wanted us to move around him. He kept standing in front of the block as it approached. He had it coming. Yeah, our whole band was pretty amused at dealing with it. You wanted the band parents to goon the kid instead? That's what also would have happened.


    We had people stick cigarette butts on member's necks during this period. We had taunts and outright threats to members at games. We had people throwing coins and eggs at us in parades. Okies? We didn't take kindly to it, and we got back at these clowns when we could.


    You a U-Miami fan too? Or did you live in a sheltered bubble all of your life where people didn't act like grade A jerks to you? Hmmm? There comes a time when one takes only so much, and obviously you've never been there.

    Or you know...you could have just gone around him but I’m sure elbowing a kid was the better option!   Bring back the good old days!

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  6. 35 minutes ago, BigW said:

    It's a safety and respect issue. I read the article and am glad someone brought it up. Might be that U Florida needs uniformed security around the band as it moves to make a point. A strong one.


    Kid from rival HS stood in front of our post performance block and wouldn't move as we came off the field marching to the stands. he was in our way... more in my way, my bud Andy yells "HIT HIM!", he kept standing there are I reached him, I threw a hard left elbow knocking him into our block. Easy to do, we used a drag/suitcase carry off the field. He bounced like a Pachinko ball inside that parade block as everyone who could got a hard shot in. Dad and a couple of the Dads who normally kept things secure saw and ran over, and when they saw that kind barely able to stand and stagger away when he escaped... they felt they didn't need to have a talk with him. 


    Respect the line, respect the block. Stay clear. :wink:

    Wow, you must be proud for elbowing that kid for not moving away from a marching band!!  

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  7. 23 minutes ago, N.E. Brigand said:

    Sure that's one point of view, but the other point of view would be that not breaking ranks is in fact a longstanding tradition of many corps and bands. You could use the "who cares" argument about absolutely everything that a band or corps does.

    Antiquated views of something that doesn’t fit the activity whether it be marching band or drum corps.  

    Walking through the tunnels this year where all the corps were lined up for retreat is a great example.  No one cares about “breaking ranks” and everyone just gets along and doesn’t feel a need to fight each other like people hanging onto a loose military tradition from the past.

    I marched in the 90’s when this was a huge deal and looking back at it, wow it was ridiculous. Who cares is right!

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  8. 1 hour ago, Tim K said:

    That depends on how and why a corps uses cymbals.

    Cymbals, whether a corps uses a cymbal line or whether they are part of the pit, play a role musically, but they are used for visuals too. The SCV “V” formation is probably the best known example, but I can recall watching the PBS broadcast from 1976 and can recall Oakland Crusaders cymbals clashing at the opening which was a powerful effect. 

    Where visuals are scored so differently today than 1976, I would wonder if the use of cymbals on the field is a visual first choice or a musical choice, especially where a corps can use members of the pit for cymbals. So if they are waving the cymbals for 40% of the show, it’s a deliberate choice and not a “we have to do something with them” choice.

    SCV should drop them too. They’re not noticed musically in DCI (or WGI) Unless it’s a feature. 

  9. No disrespect to cymbal players and I love cymbal lines in WGI.  I just don’t see a purpose in DCI.

    When you’re a visual designer trying to make sure your every detail is covered, having 5 individuals taking someone’s eye or focus in random parts of the field because of cymbal visuals just doesn’t make sense.  It would be the same as if 5 euphonium players waved around their instruments 40% of the show.

    They make sense in WGI in a more intimidate setting although they don’t get much musical credit typically.

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