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  1. Change in designer about two weeks in. Bobby Jones in no longer there.
  2. I hope that Cadets get back to where they were quickly but even this season, there are changes going on internally. It was asked before and never answered, but does anyone know why Bobby Jones was let go less than two weeks into spring training and the visual caption head is finishing the drill? I hope it turns out great but I just worry that it’s not completely stable there yet.
  3. I'll take a shot based on full-show videos or in-person views so far. I have not seen the corps with an *. 1. Blue Devils 2. Santa Clara Vanguard* 3. Boston Crusaders 4. Carolina Crown 5. Bluecoats 6. Cavaliers* 7. Cadets* 8. Blue Knights* 9. Blue Stars 10. Crossmen 11.Academy 12. Phantom Regiment 13. Mandarins 14. Spirit*
  4. Cool props. I assume they climb on the posts that are sticking out?
  5. Oh, I see it now! At least part of the title is there, not the full title.
  6. The title was leaked about 2 weeks ago on reddit. Surprised no one posted it yet.
  7. A few months back. Right after the first design meeting they had.
  8. Disappointed with the Infinity members that were drunk on retreat. Save it for the after party if that’s needed. One of their members was throwing up in the back right of the floor after the scores wrapped up.
  9. You’re right! Harder to hear clearly based on each facilty being indoors. Since I’ve taught and/or designed in PIW and PSW for 10+ years, what you hear on the floor 5 feet away from a battery sounds much different in a gym halfway up the bleachers. There’s echo and different environmental factors of each room. So if we REALLY care about understanding how clean they’re playing, then the only option should be to put judges on the floor!
  10. These same kids do WGI with a judge 30 yards away trying to hear them play through an amplified front ensemble and multiple speakers. I definitely agree with you, put drum judges on the floor at WGI!!
  11. It will be so great to watch the world not end because the drum judge is in the front. Finally they will not be diving through members and ignoring the front ensemble 75% of the time.
  12. It’s the code of conduct under “about“ along with the by laws
  13. I’ll support them and not overreact to enforcing a policy that’s easily accessible on their website.
  14. https://www.marchingroundtable.com/eku-marching-arts-research-team/field-percussion-study/
  15. Or they could focus on both like they are doing at these meetings!
  16. Unanimous vote by the instructors for this! More progress towards safety!
  17. Can’t believe they are letting Roman stay involved. I hope they don’t get a penny in donations until he’s completely removed.
  18. I’m not posting names and I’m done discussing. The instrumentation change helped many more corps than the average fan knows. It added a revenue stream throughout the activity that didn’t exist before.
  19. No, not just the top. I was highly involved with a non-top 12 corps at the time that made money annually on their investment 2 years after the switch. That additional revenue stream kept them afloat. The manufacturers also have the incentive to get their equipment into more and more schools.
  20. I would rather not go off topic, but there are so many issues with this statement. Switching to any-key brass helped some corps continue to exist financially. Any Key brass has turned into a profit center for drum corps. After the initial investment, corps have been able to resell to schools and other organizations to MAKE money each year while also putting better instruments in the hands of the members. They were not getting that resell value with G Horns.