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  1. I would love to see some stats (I doubt they exist) which showed how many "locals" actually attended a show in their hometown during finals week. The newspaper articles and local tv exposer is good, but I wonder if many people actually ever attend a show because of it.
  2. Terrance, are you RC_Stinger? I noticed the xanga link in your signature.
  3. I've been to the last three finals at Madison. While the city is decent and the weather is usually great, I'm not sure where I'm seeing this history? Have you been there Conner? I was a little disappointed in the crowd at finals this year (since it's such a "great" drum corps city) and the stadium has uncomfortable seats and it really isn't an impressive facility. At least for me, it seems like it's an expensive place to fly into. Is it great because the bars next store have welcome DCI signs? I would hate to have finals in Madison for 10 years if it was a choice between Madison and Indy. We're getting a state of the art facility. There are numerous great restaurants and bars within walking distance. There are a lot more great band programs in Indiana and Ohio then there are in Wisconsin. That is not going to be a negative for the attendence. I don't know. Maybe I'm missing something. -Rick
  4. I heard from one of the members that they sent in Fred Morris. (New Troopers Director)
  5. OR….it could be the fact that CD sales are going down as more and more people are only buying digital music. I haven’t bought a CD in the last year after purchasing an iPod.
  6. Both options are available. You can order just the top 12 on dvd or the top 24.
  7. I've watched Blue Devils rehearse and saw them last night in Columbus. I really didn't think they were that loud. If I would have to rank them last night for volume, it would have been 1. Crown 2. SCV 3. Blue Devils
  8. I'd have to go with Cadets. I LOVE the voice! Phantom would be a close second.
  9. hmmm...I agree. I really liked the History Repeating vocals when I saw them in San Antonio. I hope this change is worthwhile.
  10. I'm not sure what the numbers are now, but in San Antonio in 2003, the Bluecoats were announced as the "Bluecoats from Canton, Ohio AND Cedar Park, Texas" They also announced that there were 51 (or was it 54?) members in the corps from Texas. That's a pretty big percentage! -Ryan