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  1. I agree with you. This team knows the formula to win. They took Star from nothing to a world champion in a matter of 8 years. That's impressive. Will they duplicate that at Madison? Who knows, but I believe they know what they are doing. I expect they will take what they learned from their experience at Star and apply it here, without changing the identity of the Scouts.
  2. I don't know why people are making such a big deal about a penalty at a show, that for intents and purposes is meaningless. It would only matter if it happened at semis and knocked them out of finals.
  3. I think you're going to be 100% accurate. Cadets have the best show overall this year and Cavies are the second best, IMO. I expect both to pass Crown as Cavies have really made strides. Cadets show is perfect IMO. I also am surprised people are picking Madison over Blue Stars. I think Madison is a lock for 11th.
  4. I love the show this year. I think it is awesome! I'm not sure what people's gripes are with the drill. I think it's very well designed. I think the whole show is, and I'm very happy. I do think this show has the potential to beat Boston and Blue Stars, but as long as they make finals I'm happy.
  5. I believe only corps that have shows that can compete with Crown are BD, Cadets, Cavies, Bluecoats and SCV. I do not see SCV beating anyone forementioned. They are just too far behind. That's what happens when it's mid-July and your show isn't done. Everyone else is cleaning and adding touches, while they are learning. You'd think the powers that be at Vanguard would know that if you give BD an inch, they take a mile. As far as Phantom goes, I see them solidly in 7th. They have a great percussion line, but the guard definitely offsets that. The music is beautiful, but the visual aspect
  6. I love Cadets, Crown! BK, Coats, Madison, Phantom and SCV. SCV is really growing on me.
  7. Irrational? You reap what you sew. No sympathy for BD or the rest of the greedy G7. All other corps should leave DCI if this goes thru.
  8. I don't know if I agree with that. Looking at the recaps from finals week 2005, it doesn't look like Czapinski's Visual Ensemble score on finals night was out of line with the rest of the panel that night, or throughout the week. I'm not a judge, but I do have faith in the judging system and hope someone wouldn't have a personal vendetta against any corps.
  9. It is inexcusable to have an incomplete show in July.
  10. Truth be told - I like Regiment's show a lot more than Bluecoats - musically. Musically, PR's show is gorgeous. I'm just stating that I think Bluecoats show is stronger across the board than PR's. I like classical music, and in all reality I'll probably listen to the '10 Regiment much more than the '10 Bluecoats on the CD. Still, Bloooo has one heck of a show this year.
  11. Um....they are not even remotely close to where they were at this point in 2008. In 2008 they had one of the most brilliant shows ever written - musically and visually. It was epic and had all the tools necessary to be a winner. This year isn't and doesn't. I love Regiment and I love the show musically but it is terrible visually. Demand for the sake of demand. Keep in mind I hate Myron's drills. The drill reminds me a lot of past SCV drills in the same way as Madison's 2006 drill did. Bottom line, I don't see them finishing any higher than 8th or 9th. They are going to suffer the sam
  12. You make good points re: Crown, Cadets and Devils. Those are going to be some tough corps to beat. However, I disgree with you on one thing - that being that we'll see Bluecoats behind Phantom at the end of the season. No way, Phantom's visual is too debilitating. It's too cramped so even when it is clean, it is going to look dirty. In fact, I would be surprised in the Bluecoats finished lower than 4th and Phantom higher than 8th.
  13. Actually, no. I quite like SCV in 2000 - especially the opening and closing. The rest wasn't bad at all. Even though I hate Glass, The Canyon is one of my favorite pieces thanks to SCV. See they thought me. 2007 was ok. 2001 PR only liked Festive Overture. 2003 Phantom was beautiful. I didn't mean to imply that all modern classical music is terrible, but as some above said - the music SCV has chosen this year is awful. It was almost painful to listen to. Like I said above, I'm not done with this show, and I will give it time but man the average audience member is likely not going to like
  14. You heard it here first! 01> Cadets 02> Carolina Crown 03> Blue Devils 04> Bluecoats 05> Santa Clara Vanguard 06> Blue Stars 07> Cavaliers 08> Boston Crusaders 09> Phantom Regiment 10> Madison Scouts 11> Blue Knights 12> Glassmen